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Other Government Agencies

Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division

Determine whether your business will be a sole proprietorship (licensed in your individual name/names) or some form of legal entity (such as a corporation or limited liability company). If your are a legal entity, you must be registered to do business in Oregon with the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office.
ph: 503-986-2200

Oregon Lottery Commission

If you will offer lottery (including video poker) games you must contact the Oregon Lottery Commission.  
ph: 503-540-1000

Oregon Department of Agriculture

If you will make, warehouse, or sell at retail beer, wine, or distilled spirits for drinking on the premises the department's Food Safety Division may require a license.  
ph: 503-986-4720

Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST)

The Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) administers the certification/licensure of private security professionals in accordance with ORS 181.870-991.  A person acting as a private security professional without DPSST certification may be cited criminally by the police.
Who must be certified by the DPSST as a private security professional?
A private security professional is an individual who performs, as the individual’s primary responsibility, any one or combination of security services as described below.  If these duties are performed for consideration, the individual must be certified by the DPSST:
  • The observation and reporting of any unlawful activity;
  • The prevention of theft or misappropriation of any goods, money or other items of value;
  • The protection of individuals or property, including but not limited to proprietary information, from harm or misappropriation;
  • The control of access to premises being protected;
  • The taking of enforcement action by lawfully detaining persons or placing persons under citizens arrest;
  • Providing canine services for the purposes of guarding or detection; or
  • Taking enforcement action by detaining or placing persons under arrest as authorized by the person’s employer as part of the person’s employment. ORS 133.225. 
How does a person apply for a security professional certification or license?
An applicant must complete an application packet, attend required training, and submit forms and fees to DPSST for processing.  Applications are available from the DPSST Private Security Unit.
ph: 503-378-8531

Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)

  • If you are applying for any type of Full On-Premises Sales, a Limited On-Premises Sales, or an Off-Premises Sales license the TTB will likely consider you a “retail liquor dealer” and require that you register with them as such.  Here is the TTB web site for the form or call 800-937-8864. 
  • If you applying for any other type of liquor license with the OLCC go to the TTB web site below.
ph: 877-882-3277; 202-453-2000

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