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Grower Sales Privilege - Wine and Cider

Food service is not a requirement of this license. However, if you plan to allow on-site consumption of alcohol (including “tastings") by customers and you want to allow minor customers (people age 20 and under), you must describe how drinking will not be the predominant activity in the areas and times you will allow minors. Often, the best way to do this is to offer food service in the areas and during the times you will allow minors. The OLCC will work with you during the application process to help you with this issue.

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) are adopted, repealed and amended by the Oregon legislature and signed into law by the Governor.  
Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) are implemented by the OLCC. These regulations are proposed by, adopted, repealed and amended by the OLCC.

ORS 471

  • See section .001 for definition of Wine
  • See section .023 for the definition of Cider
  • See section .155 for Privilege Tax Bond requirement
  • See section .227 for the Grower Sales Privilege license

ORS 473

  • Wine, Cider and Malt Beverage Privilege Tax

OAR 845, Division 5

  • See subsection 0416 for definitions for delivery of Malt Beverages, Wine or Cider to Individuals
  • See subsection 0417 for Qualifications for Direct Shipment and Retail Delivery of Malt Beverages, Wine, or Cider to a Resident of Oregon

OAR 845, Division 6

  • See subsection 0391 for definitions for delivery of Malt Beverages, Wine or Cider to Individuals
  • See subsection 0396 for Requirements for Direct Shipment and Delivery of Wine and Cider to a Resident of Oregon

Privilege Tax
You are responsible for reporting to the OLCC the amount of any wine and cider you import into Oregon.  You may be required to pay a tax on this wine and cider.
Privilege Tax Bond
Unless you qualify for an exception, you will be required to maintain a privilege tax bond with the OLCC.   More information is available at:

  • Contact the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to determine what you need to do to comply with Federal laws. 
  • You must have an address in Oregon where you will do business. 
  • You must currently own, lease, or rent the business property or you must be in the process of purchasing, leasing, or renting the property. You may make any purchase, lease, or rent agreement contingent on obtaining a liquor license. 
  • Determine whether your business will be a sole proprietorship or some form of legal entity (such as a corporation or limited liability company). If you are a legal entity you must be registered to do business in Oregon with the Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division
  • If you will offer lottery games (including video poker) contact the Oregon Lottery Commission
  • If you will make, warehouse, or sell at retail beer or wine for drinking on site, the Oregon Department of Agriculture's Food Safety Division may require a license. 

Important Update: Local Government Recommendation Requirement

What is changing?
Effective immediately, we are accepting applications with either:

  • valid proof of submission of the OLCC Liquor License Application to the local government, or
  • the final recommendation from the local government

What is valid proof of submission from the local government?
Each local government processes applications in a unique way per its city or county ordinances. Your proof of submission MUST include these key pieces of information:

  • Date the local government received the application
  • Trade Name of the business
  • Premises street address (where the business will be located)
  • Name of the local government (city or county name)
  • That the submission is for a Liquor License

How do I submit my application to the OLCC?
Once you receive proof of submission from your local government, you may submit that proof along with your complete application to:

NOTE: For tracking purposes, please submit all materials at the same time, in the same email.

How do I find my local government?
To find the correct local government for your application, we recommend searching the internet for “Your City or County” + OLCC Liquor License. This will typically return a search result that will help guide you to the appropriate office in your jurisdiction.

Common departments for processing LGB recommendations include Planning & Development, Civic Life, or the Sheriff’s Office; however, each local government is different.

Liquor License Applicants within the City of Portland, click here: City of Portland.

What types of applications need a recommendation from the local government?
Local government recommendation is clearly explained on the Liquor License Application. This is a four-page application that is used for many situations, including, but not limited to New Outlets, Change of Ownership, and Change of Location.

Other license actions and Out-of-State permits do not require recommendation from the local government. If you do not see any requirement for local government recommendation on your application, you can ignore these instructions.

After completing the liquor license application and obtaining the recommendation from the local government:

Note: All submissions must be as a PDF file. Do not include any license fees at this time.

If you need help completing your application, email

Liquor liability insurance is required for any business that allows on-premises consumption of alcohol. The OLCC will not issue a 90-Day Temporary Authority or license without proof of insurance.
The most common proof of insurance is an insurance certificate or ACORD form from your insurance agent. The form must show all of the following:

  • All applicant(s) as the named insured
  • Business address (not just the mailing address)
  • Liquor liability insurance
  • Coverage of at least $300,000
  • Coverage must be current 
  • OLCC is listed as a certificate holder

A Special Event Grower Sales Privilege license allows the licensee to sell at retail wine, malt beverages, and cider allowed to be sold under the annual Grower Sales Privilege license:

  • For on-premises consumption.
  • For consumption off the licensed premises in factory-sealed containers.
  • For consumption off the licensed premises in securely covered containers supplied by the consumer and having a capacity of not more than two gallons each.
  • ​Deliver wine, malt beverages, and cider sold under (b) and (c) of this section to a resident of Oregon.  Any deliveries must follow OAR 845-006-0392 and 845-006-0396.

Special Event Grower (SEG) application 

​Please submit your complete application to

If you need help completing your application, or have additional questions, please e-mail