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Special Event Licensing

Effective January 1, 2024, you must submit your Special Event application using the most current Special Event application form(s). The most current Special Event application forms will be the forms available on this website. Delays in processing may occur if using outdated forms.

Special Event Licenses allow a business that holds an annual liquor license; an individual; or a group; to sell and serve alcohol at a special event.
A Special Event License is needed at special events when:
  • Alcohol will be sold.
  • Alcohol is available (but not being sold), and you are charging or accepting donations for admission, or where payment is required to attend the event.

A liquor license is needed at special events where:​

  • ​Alcohol will be sold.​
  • Alcohol is available (but not being sold), and you are charging or accepting donations for admission, or where payment is required to attend the event.

A liquor license is NOT needed at special events where: 

  • You are making alcohol available, but there is no payment or purchase required, and no donations of money are accepted, for alcohol, or for entry/admission, or for any other product or service. An example is a wedding reception where you make alcohol available, but you don't require payment or purchase and don't accept donations of money.​​


A Special Event License (Temporary Sales License) allows the sale of distilled sprits, malt beverages, wine, and cider for drinking within a licensed area. It also allows for the sale of manufacturer-sealed containers of malt beverages, wine, and cider, for drinking off-site of the licensed area. 



YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for a Temporary Sales License - For Profit (TSL-FP) if you are a person or organization who makes alcoholic beverages within Oregon or who imports or causes to be imported into Oregon an alcoholic beverage for sale or distribution in Oregon.

This includes the following OLCC licensees: Brewery, CERA, CERD, Distillery, Grower Sales Privilege, Warehouse, Wholesale Malt Beverage and Wine, and Winery. Wineries, breweries, distilleries, and wholesalers in other states are also not eligible for a TSL-FP.

Most of these licensees have other special event license type options; however out-of-state wineries, breweries, distilleries, wholesalers, or any out of state permit holders are not eligible for any special event license types, unless they have an in-state license as well that affords them a special event license beyond a TSL.

If you have questions, or need clarification please email

To avoid a delay in processing your Special Event License Application and increase the likelihood that the OLCC will be able to approve your application in time for your event, please submit the application to the OLCC office serving the county in which your special event will happen. If you will turn in your application in person, please email or call the appropriate OLCC office to make arrangments.

Special Event applications must:

  • Be legible, signed and dated. Note: If the application is not legible your event might not appear on this report. 
  • Include a diagram for outdoor areas when required (see specific application document directions for details). 
  • Include the Local governing body recommendation prior to turning in the application (for all but exempt events).
  • Payment, if applicable (exempt events do not require payment).

  • Applicants need to submit their application to the City of Portland for endorsement and pay any of their required fees. 
  • Please visit City of Portland’s website and submit your application through its new online system, Civic Portal. Please attach a copy of your approval letter from City of Portland when you submit your application to OLCC.
  • Applicants must submit a copy of their application with payment to the OLCC – this is separate from the payment and application to the City of Portland
  • All of the above items must be completed in order for the application to be processed.

Fact Sheet: Recreational Marijuana - Consumption, Gifting, and Giveaways

Letter to Licensees

As of July 1, 2015, recreational marijuana became legal in Oregon. There are limits to the law; marijuana is not allowed to be consumed in a public place.

Measure 91 defines a public place as a general place where the public has access. This includes all special events with OLCC licenses.

Please be aware that as a licensee, you could be subject to administrative sanctions for allowing public consumption of marijuana at your licensed premises.

If you need further clarification of a public place, please call 503-872-6366.

Special Event Applications Status Report

Portland Metro Region (Clackamas, Hood River, Multnomah, Wasco, and Washington counties) ONLY*

This link contains special event applications that have been received by the OLCC for events located in Clackamas, Hood River, Multnomah, Wasco, and Washington counties. The information included indicates any required outstanding items still needed in order to approve the event application and identifies where the application is in the approval process.
Portland Metro Region Event Applicants ONLY - Click to Check Your Status




Date Applied

The calendar day that the OLCC received the application.

Licensee Name

The name of the individual applying for the special event license.

Event Name

The title of the event being applied for. Exempt events will not have specific titles and likely reflect “Exempt Event” in this field.

Payment Collected

This field indicates if we’ve collected all monies owed on an application.

  • “Yes” means that no monies are owed
  • “No” indicates that there are funds still outstanding.
  • “N/A” will be used for exempt events that do not have payment requirements

Local Governing Body (LGB) Recommendation

  • “Pending” - this item is still missing on the application submitted
  • “Grant” -  the LGB has recommended approval of the application
  • “Acknowledge” - the LGB recommends neither granting or denying the application
  • “Deny” - the LGB does not recommend the granting of the application

In the case that we receive a “deny” status, staff will reach out to you to discuss next steps.


  • “Pending” - the application has not been processed.
  • “Approved” - the application has been endorsed as approved by the OLCC
  • “Approved with Restrictions” - the application has been approved with a set of rules, guidelines, and/or limitations in place in order to overcome good cause to deny an application
  • “Denied” - the application has been denied by the Oregon Liquor & Cannabis Commission
  • “Not Processed” - an application has been submitted less than two weeks before the event or the date of the event has passed

Event Date

The event dates related to each application is listed in this column.

Date Applicant Sent to Applicant

The date which an “approved” application is coordinated back to an applicant’s provided contact email address


Payments can be submitted by check, money order, or cash, at 9079 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Milwaukie, OR 97222. Include a copy of your application with your payment.

Missing application materials can be submitted electronically to

Applications received less than two weeks before an event date, may not be processed in time for the scheduled event. “Approved” status applications will be sent to you at the contact email address provided on the application. Please reach out to if your approved application copy has not been received.

* Event status for other regions coming soon.

Contact Us

For questions, please contact the OLCC Office Locations of the city or county where your event will be located.