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​Minor Decoy Operations

OLCC takes our mission of supporting public safety very seriously.

  • We work to ensure that alcohol, marijuana and other THC products aren't sold by OLCC licensees to people under the age of 21.
  • Licensees who don't actively work to prevent under-age access can face civil and criminal penalties, including the loss of their license.

Minor decoy operations are one way OLCC actively enforces the law.

  • OLCC employs minors 18-20 years old who look under the age of 26, to attempt to buy alcohol and marijuana at retail outlets.
  • In order to ensure that licensees are not selling to minors, the OLCC conducts both random and targeted minor decoy operations. Targeted operations are in response to community concerns.
  • Minor decoys do not disguise their real age or encourage retailers to sell them alcohol or marijuana.

Education is our first step to ensuring licensees know what's expected of them.

  • Licensees and permitees complete a standardized training program
  • To help licensees stay in compliance the OLCC offers training to licensees, liquor store agents and their staff on how to prevent sales to minors, properly check identification, and how to recognize false identification.


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ID Checking Classes

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For questions regarding Minor Decoy Operations, contact:

Andrew Jurik, Director of Compliance