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Tracking in CTS (Metrc)

Metrc is the name of the state-administered cannabis tracking system (CTS). This system is used by both recreational marijuana licensees and medical marijuana registered grow sites, processing sites, and dispensaries, with some exceptions.
Any medical marijuana grow site that is registered to produce marijuana for three or more patients (regardless of the number of growers) is subject to tracking in CTS.

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Initial Setup How-To Guide

The OLCC has created a guide for first-time cannabis tracking system (CTS) users to assist in the initial set-up of a medical marijuana facility in CTS. It is recommended that in addition to the required training that each CTS administrator review this document prior to entering information in CTS.

Recording Transfers How-To Guide

This guide and overview document provide instructions on recording transfers in CTS. Transfers are used to move individually tracked "packages" out of a facility's inventory to another facility or to a patient. The presentation is available as a PDF below. The overview document provides basic instructions in a simple two-page document.

Ongoing Tracking and Transfers

Once you have set up your initial inventory in CTS, you will need to perform daily reconciliation and timely reporting to keep inventory activity accurate from day-to-day. This means any time a change occurs relating to marijuana inventory at your facility, you must reflect that change in CTS. However, because inventory remains tracked in CTS until it is changed, if no inventory changes or transfers occur during a day, there are no changes to make in CTS. There is no requirement to report “no activity".
To assist with collecting necessary tracking information prior to entering information into CTS, OLCC has prepared manual tracking worksheets. These worksheets can be found on the "Forms and Publications" page.


All users entering information into CTS must complete required training. In addition to the reference documents above, each CTS administrator (grow site administrator (GSA), person responsible for a processing site (PRP), or person responsible for a medical marijuana dispensary (PRD),) must complete a training on proper use of CTS.
To sign up for training in CTS, visit and click the “Schedule Training Now” button. Webinars are offered several times a month. In addition, there are short training videos available on specific functions that can be used as refreshers or to prepare for the live in-depth webinar training. Every CTS administrator for a site subject to tracking in CTS is required to complete a training.