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Rules Proposed and Adopted

Proposed Rules

All Licensees

847-008-0070, 847-008-0077: Mandatory Cultural Competency Education Requirement.
The proposed rule implements changes to ORS 676.850 provided in HB 2011 (2019) mandating cultural competency education as a condition of license renewal. The proposed rule would require all Board licensees to complete the equivalent of at least one hour of cultural competency continuing education per year. Hours could be obtained at any time during the audit period and licensees may report hours every license registration renewal cycle, but compliance audits would be done every other cycle. During the license registration renewal, licensees would attest to completing the required hours and report the number of completed hours. The Board would start auditing during the Fall 2023 renewal cycle. See the Cultural Competency webpage for additional information. Written Comments due by 5 p.m. on November 23, 2020.

Permanent Rules 

All Licensees

847-010-0073Administrative suspension reporting under ORS 677.415.
The rulemaking clarifies for reporting requirements that “official action” does not include administrative suspensions of seven or fewer calendar days for failure to maintain or complete records. These administrative suspensions of seven or fewer calendar days are not related to the licensee’s competence to practice medicine. These types of administrative suspensions are used by employers to induce licensees to perform certain functions. The rule requires reporting these administrative suspensions as an official action when the suspensions occur more than three times in any 12-month period. When a licensee is repeatedly suspended for these reasons over a 12-month period, the cumulative acts may constitute unprofessional conduct.

847-001-0050: Mailing official notices to a licensee's address of record.
The rule codifies the Board’s policy that a licensee’s mailing address is their Address of Record. The Board will mail official notices to the licensee’s Address of Record, and the mailing under the rule will serve as sufficient notice for the Board to proceed with disciplinary action. 

EMS Providers
847-035-0030Emergency Medical Services providers administering over-the-counter medications based on protocols.
The rule amendment allows EMT level and above providers to administer over the-counter medications in unit dose packaging for immediate use under specific written protocols authorized by the supervising physician or under direct orders from a licensed physician. 

847-035-0032Emergency Medical Services Providers in the Event of an Emergency.
The rule makes permanent the temporary rule to provide flexibility in the scope of practice for emergency medical services (EMS) providers during the period of a declared emergency. The rule provides this flexibility only under a supervising physician's standing orders and within the protocols established by the State of Oregon EMS Medical Director or designee, subject to such limitations and conditions as the Governor or Oregon Medical Board may prescribe.

Physician and Physician Assistant
847-010-0068Practice in Oregon by Physicians and Physician Assistants in the Event of an Emergency.
The rule amendment makes permanent the temporary rule to increase the potential number of physicians and physician assistants who can care for patients in Oregon during a declared emergency. The rule amendment reduces practice restrictions for Locum Tenens and Emeritus status licensees during the declared emergency. The rule provides a streamlined process for Administrative Medicine, Inactive, Lapsed, and Retired status licensees to reactivate to Active status.

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