Rules Proposed and Adopted


Written Comments due by November 22 @ 5:00 pm


847-00​1-0032: Outlines requirements and timeframe for requesting modification or termination of a Board Order or Agreement.
The proposed new rule outlines the requirements and timeframe for requesting modification or termination of a Board Order or Agreement.



847-008-0015, 847-008-0018, 847-008-0055, 847-008-0070: Updates requirements for Military and Public Health license status.
The Military Health System requires health care professionals to have an unrestricted license in at least one jurisdiction. The Department of Defense will no longer recognize military licenses with restrictions as a primary license. An unrestricted license cannot waive or reduce continuing education requirements and must allow the health care provider unabridged permission to practice in in the jurisdiction of licensure without having to take any additional action. The ru​le amendments are expected to meet the Department of Defense’s requirements and allow those within the Military Health System to maintain an Oregon medical license as their primary license. The proposed rule amendments remove the requirement that licensees with a Military/Public Health status must reactivate before returning to practice in Oregon. Additionally, the proposed rule amendments remove the continuing education exemption for licensees serving in the military and instead allow military training or experience that is substantially equivalent to satisfy the continuing education requirements.



847-020-0165, 847-050-0022, 847-070-0024, 847-080-0016: Amendment to provide military spouses and domestic partners temporary authorization to practice medicine in Oregon.
The proposed amendments implement HB 3030 (2019) and SB 688 (2019) to provide the spouse or domestic partner of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces stationed in Oregon a temporary authorization to practice their health care profession. The spouse or domestic partner must hold a current authorization by another state with substantially similar requirements and must have demonstrated competency in the profession. To implement the bills, the proposed amendment allows issuance of a temporary authorization for a license.



847-070-0019, 847-070-0045 Updates acupuncture rules for mentorships when required for initial licensure or re-entry to practice
The rule amendment updates acupuncture rules for mentorships when required by initial licensure or re-entry to practice. The rule requires board approval of the mentorship and clarifies that the length of the mentorship will be tailored to the time the acupuncturist was out of practice. Under the Board-approved matrix for re-entry for acupuncturists, a 40-hour mentorship for each year out of practice is generally required.