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Statutes & Rules Overview


847-010-0068: Practice in Oregon by Physicians and Physician Assistants in the Event of an Emergency

The Board filed a temporary rule to increase the potential number of physicians and physician assistants who can care for patients in Oregon during a declared emergency. The temporary rule reduces practice restrictions for Locum Tenens and Emeritus status licensees during the declared emergency. The rule also provides a streamlined reactivation process for a qualified group of physicians and  physician assistants during a declared emergency. The temporary rule is valid from March 20, 2020 through September 15, 2020. Please see the Board's COVID-19 webpage for additional details.

847-035-0032Emergency Medical Services Providers in the Event of an Emergency

The Board adopted a temporary rule to provide flexibility in the scope of practice for emergency medical services (EMS) providers during the period of the COVID-19 declared emergency. The temporary rule provides this flexibility only under a supervising physician's standing orders and within the protocols established by the State of Oregon EMS Medical Director, subject to such limitations and conditions as the Governor or Oregon Medical Board may prescribe. The temporary rule is valid from April 1, 2020 through September 27, 2020.

333-265-0058: Emergency Temporary EMS Provider License

The Oregon Health Authority’s Public Health Division adopted a temporary emergency rule to allow available EMS providers licensed or certified in another state or providers with current certification or provisional certification by the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) to obtain a short-term provisional license to practice as an EMS provider in Oregon with a licensed ambulance service or a registered EMS non-transporting agency, in a paid or volunteer status.

Statutes (Medical Practice Act)

Administrative Rules

Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs), chapter 847 

Newly Proposed and Adopted OARs


Statements of Philosophy

Rulemaking Summary

 Administrative Rule Making Process

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Items to Note:

  • After first review by the Board, the rule is filed with the Secretary of State and interested parties are notified of the proposed rulemaking.
  • Members of the public are invited to provide comment on proposed rules and administrative topics. Public comments are accepted for 21 days after the notice is published in the Secretary of State Bulletin.
  • If the Board or Committee makes significant changes to the rule at any point in the process, it will be sent back to the Committee as a first review to start the process again.
  • Temporary rules follow the same process as regular rules, but are adopted after the Board’s first review and approval of the rule.
  • Sign up as an interested party by going to Subscriber Lists and selecting the link for Administrative Rules.

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