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Public Defense Providers Information

Important Updates

Form 1099 Year End Tax Report Reminder for Vendors

  • This is a friendly reminder that 1099 forms will be distributed to vendors by the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) at the end of January 2024. 
    It is important to keep your contact information (mailing address and phone number) updated with OPDC to make sure you receive your 1099 timely and prevent payment delays.
  • If DAS receives your 1099 back as undeliverable, they will inactivate your vendor profile and OPDC will be unable to process payment to you until this information gets updated and resolved. 
  • If your address has changed since last year, please ensure your current address is on file by sending an email with the subject line “Contact Information Update” to and be sure to include your full current mailing address and contact information in the email.

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The Business & Financial Services Division of the Oregon Public Defense Commission provides effective and efficient delivery of public defense within the state court system:
  • Establishing, revising, and monitoring compliance with policies and procedures regarding the qualification and payment of public defense providers and the operation of the indigence verification program.
  • Negotiating and monitoring public defense services contracts for both attorney and non-attorney providers.
  • Serving as a resource for the Public Defense Services Commission, public defense providers, trial and appellate courts, the legislative assembly, and other state and local agencies involved in the criminal and juvenile justice system.
  • Performing research and providing consultation and guidance on public defense related legal and budgetary issues.

Requests for Pre-Authorized Expenses must be submitted via the forms page.