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Since BARD has tens of thousands of books available for download, browsing through everything to find something specific would be very difficult.  To make finding the right book much easier, BARD has an easy-to-use search box on the main page.
You can type any search term you want into BARD’s search box, including a title, name (last, first), keyword, subject, or book number (i.e. 76543).  You do not need to specify which type of search you want BARD to run; instead, BARD will look for your search term in every category.  For example, if your search term is the word “morning,” that word may be found in the title of several books, as well as in the description of several books.  BARD will display all the results for both categories.
Here are some tips and tricks that’ll help you when using BARD’s search box:
-       To hone in on a specific book, it is best to use a search term unique to that book.  That can be an author or character’s name, a specific location like a city or town, or an uncommon word in the book’s title.
-       BARD’s search box is not as sophisticated as Google, so if you spell your search term wrong you won’t get the results you’re looking for.  You can, however, use Google (or Amazon, or any other reliable internet source) to first find the correct spelling of an author’s name or the exact title of a book, then copy and paste that information into BARD’s search box.
-       One of the best ways to find a specific book is to search by its book number.  Just type in the 5 digit number, but leave off the DB code.  Sometimes you might be a couple of results, especially if the book is part of a series, but for the most part you should only get one result.
-       Depending on what type of search term you use, you can skip to the results in that category by clicking the link for that category at the top of the results page.  For example, if you know your search term is a word that will appear in the book’s description, then you can click the link for results in the annotation to more quickly locate the book you want to download.
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How to Download a Book

The following instructions are a shortened version of the more detailed step-by-step download instructions on our BARD information page.  If you are familiar with downloading files from the internet, you will be comfortable using these instructions.
-       Log into BARD.
-       Find the book you want to download.
-       Click the download link below the book’s description to initiate the download.
-       When the download is complete, locate the book on your computer.
-       Depending on whether you have a PC or a Mac, extract or unarchive the zipped folder.
-       Plug your flash drive or blank cartridge into your computer and copy/paste or drag-and-drop the unzipped book folder onto it.
-       Repeat the above process if you want to put multiple books on your flash drive or blank cartridge.
-       Safely eject your flash drive or blank cartridge from your computer.
-       Plug your flash drive or blank cartridge into your player when the player is OFF.
-       Turn the player on.  Depending on how many books are on your flash drive or blank cartridge, it may take your player a few seconds to recognize them all.
-       To switch between books, use the bookshelf feature.  Press and hold the play button down for 2 seconds until you hear the player beep and say “bookshelf.”  Use the fast forward or rewind buttons to toggle through the books, then press the play button to make your selection.
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How to Add a Book to Your Wish List

There may be times when you don’t want to download a book right away, but you want to keep track of it for future reference.  For these instances you can simply add the book to your BARD Wish List. 
When you find a book you want to add to your wish list, click on the link for the book’s title.  This link brings up a page with the book’s full record.  Below all the other information on the page about the book there is a link that will say “Add to my wish list: (books title).”  When you click this link a confirmation page will appear so you know you’ve done everything right.
You can see what books you have on your wish list by clicking the “My Wish List” link on the main page.  It’s down below the search and browse options, under the header Additional Links.  There are links to download or remove a book from your wish list.
Books you add to your wish list can also be downloaded within the BARD Mobile app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
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How to Update Your Email

If you want to change the email address you use as your BARD username, find and click on the link on the BARD main page called “Update account settings” (it’s down towards the bottom under the Additional Links header).
Several options will appear.  The second option to “change your e-mail address” is the one you’ll want to click on.  Follow the instructions on the page to complete the process.
It is important to note that changing your email address will automatically reset your password as well.  You’ll get a temporary password in an email to the new address.  Just log in using your new email address and the temporary password, then follow the prompts to re-establish your permanent password.
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