Talking Books has established a loan policy covering the responsibilities of the library and its patrons.  This policy is reproduced in this section for your reference.


The following policies govern the circulation of books, magazines and equipment to eligible blind and/or physically disabled readers registered with the Talking Book and Braille Library at the Oregon State Library.


Eligible readers who borrow materials from the Talking Books accept responsibility for using materials with reasonable care, returning them to Talking Books according to the policies stated below, and not losing or damaging library materials or equipment through negligence. Violation of this policy can result in suspension of some or all library services.



Braille books, audio books, and specialized playback equipment will be loaned by this library to eligible registered readers without charge, and this library will keep records of all such loans.  The borrower should notify the library of temporary or permanent changes of address or a desire to discontinue the service.


Borrowers may not lend library books, magazines, or equipment to other persons.  The borrower will ensure that books, magazines, and equipment being returned to the library by free matter are delivered into the hands of the United States Postal Service by being placed in a mailbox or delivered to the post office.  No postage is needed to return any Talking Books materials or equipment.  All preprinted Talking Books mailing cards and labels used to return materials are marked Free Matter for the Blind to allow free mailing.



Equipment necessary to read the audio materials is borrowed on extended loan for as long as the borrower meets National Library Service eligibility requirements, and the borrower reads at least one book or NLS magazine per year provided by the library.  If either of these two conditions is not met, the equipment must be returned to Talking Books.


It is the borrower's responsibility to ensure equipment is properly cared for and kept free of damaging substances or infestation.  In the event that a machine stops working properly or needs repair, it should be returned to Talking Books for repair and/or replacement.  Under NO circumstances should a borrower attempt to repair the playback equipment or accessories.



The loan period for all books is six weeks.  Borrowers are encouraged to return each book as they finish reading it, to ensure a smooth flow of books to the reader.   To return a book, flip the mailing card over and reinsert it into the slot on the corresponding container.  No fines for overdue books will be levied; however, borrowers are urged to observe the six-week loan period so books can be available for other readers.


A maximum number of books in each format (Braille or audio) to be checked out to the borrower at one time is determined by the library, based on the borrower's reading record and as desired by the borrower.  The library reserves the right to limit readers' maximum number of books to ensure adequate service and collection availability for all patrons.


The library may lower a borrower’s maximum number of books if books are not returned on time.  Once a borrower reaches their maximum number of books, no additional books will be sent until books are returned. Borrowers should call Talking Books to adjust their maximum number of books to meet the borrower's individual reading needs.  Unless otherwise requested by the borrower, for each book returned in each format, a replacement book will be sent to the borrower.  Borrowers may choose to receive only specific books they request.


Borrowers are expected to return each container with its original contents.  Damaged items should be marked as Defective on the return-mailing card prior to mailing the item back so our inspectors are adequately notified. Patrons should call Talking Books if they would like to receive a replacement copy for a damaged book.


In the event that any of these policies are violated repeatedly, the borrower's service may be suspended for a period of time after being given a written warning and an opportunity to reply.  If after reinstatement of service abuse continues, service may be suspended again.


Any questions regarding Talking Books or policies may be answered by contacting Talking Books at 800-452-0292 or  The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress, has approved this loan policy