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5-Year Strategic Roadmap

Our strategic roadmap covers the years 2016-2021. The roadmap outlines four strategic themes we focus on to achieve our vision and mission. These themes set the stage for enabling Department staff to develop objectives and action items designed to move OSP forward.

Click on the document to read the full report or review highlights of these four areas:

1. Develop Internal Capabilities
To deliver premier public safety services, having the necessary internal capabilities is critical. The primary area of focus for developing our internal capabilities is our employees. We want to recruit and retain the best and brightest employees to enable the Department to fulfill its mission today and into the future successfully. We will strive to have a diverse workforce that represents Oregon, is healthy and engaged, properly trained and mentored and competitively compensated. We will engage in risk mitigation and succession planning so the future of the Department is secure for the next generation of Oregonians.

2. Collaboration
We work with multiple law enforcement agencies, public safety and fire service partners, government offices, labor unions, retiree organizations, and citizen and under‐represented community groups. Partnering with these groups is essential to protecting the people, property, and natural resources of Oregon.

3. Stewardship and Transparency
A core value is honoring our public safety mission by preserving and protecting the public’s safety and preserving their confidence in our agency. Living this value requires transparency to be more than a buzz word. We will fully comply with all public record laws and initiatives. Responsible stewardship of our budget and resources is essential to honoring our mission.

4. Continuously Improve Service Delivery
As more people move to and visit our amazing state, the need for effective public safety services increase. Staffing levels and operational schedules for critical services will be aligned with the public’s needs. Additionally, metrics will be used to ensure services meet quality assurance expectations and improve where necessary. Realizing our resources are finite, we will embrace evidence‐based strategies to maximize our service delivery.

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