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The Oregon State Police Forensic Services Division laboratories remain open for business, but in keeping with the Governor’s “Stay home, save lives” Executive Order 20-12, we are taking steps to reduce short-term interactions and increase social distancing in a way that minimizes adverse public safety impact. We are no longer limiting evidence submissions; however, guidelines are in place regarding how evidence can be safely submitted. Please read the full communication  Here


SAMS-Track is a web application that tracks sexual assault kits as they move through the criminal justice system. Law enforcement officials, medical professionals, forensic lab scientists, and criminal prosecutors throughout the state use this program to record the movements of sexual assault kits as they process them.
The SAMS team of the Portland Police Bureau developed SAMS-Track to fulfill the requirements of Senate Bill 1571 and House Bill 4049, which were passed in 2016 and 2018 by the State of Oregon. These bills require officials to record the status of sexual assault kits from collection to disposal and every point in between. With the help of SAMS-Track, the Oregon State Police can accomplish this goal

To track your kit, Click Here
To view tutorial and informational videos, click Here


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