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Report a Dry Well

Click here to report your dry well or significant reductions in well output. Reporting your dry well also helps scientists and water managers better understand changes in groundwater supplies and how those changes may be impacting people that rely on those supplies. If you report your dry well, the Department may notify you of funding and other assistance, if the Department is made aware of any available for your area.

During drought, increased groundwater pumping coupled with reduced recharge can result in low water yields from wells. More information on some of these items is included in this dry wells handout and the Water Water Well Owner's Handbook.

For more information on Klamath County dry well and household water assistance, including guidance for free water delivery, please visit

Visit the Department's drought page to learn more about current conditions and impacts and to connect with other drought resources and assistance. Get updates on Klamath Basin Water Distribution and learn more about how the 2021 drought has impacted the Basin.

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