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Healthy Environments in Facilities

The Oregon Youth Authority wants to make sure the buildings in our facilities are safe for everyone who uses them.

We monitor, test, and have plans for dealing with several potential environmental issues in our facilities.

Lead and Copper in Waterwater icon

In 2017, OYA did lead and copper testing on water from all outlets used for drinking or cooking at all facilities.

We replaced or took out of service for drinking and cooking the outlets that had issues. We plan to do lead and copper testing on all outlets used for drinking or cooking every three years. This is more frequent than the six-year testing schedule required by the Environmental Testing Agency.

We began a new round of testing at our facilities in October 2020. We will post test results here as we receive them.

house icon

Some materials used to construct buildings at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility and Camp Tillamook contain asbestos. 

We have kept these materials in safe condition for decades, and we have management plans in place to deal with them safely.

At the rest of our facilities, there is no asbestos in areas that are regularly open to people.

Learn more in our fact sheet:

Drinking Water Quality at MacLaren
MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility produces annual Consumer Confidence Reports about the quality of its drinking water.

2019 Report

2020 Report

2021 Report