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JJIS Overview

A Shared Information System for
Oregon Juvenile Justice

The Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS) is a statewide, integrated electronic database designed to support a continuum of services among all members of the juvenile justice community.

JJIS is administered by the state of Oregon through the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA), in a collaborative partnership between OYA and Oregon's county juvenile departments. 

Oregon is one of only three states in the nation that has a statewide data system for youth in the justice system, allowing caseworkers across the state to make better-informed decisions about how to address youths' behaviors and needs.

Corrections Today, February 2000

Mission and Values

The mission of JJIS is to promote public safety and youth accountability, and to offer opportunities for rehabilitation to youth, through the development and sustainability of a statewide juvenile justice information system.

Representatives of OYA and the Oregon Juvenile Department Directors' Association (OJDDA) serve on the JJIS Steering Committee and form the JJIS partnership.

JJIS Access

Access to JJIS is granted to OYA and the county juvenile departments pursuant to signed intergovernmental agreements. Other public and private agencies that work with youth served by the county juvenile departments and OYA are external partners.  The JJIS Steering Committee can also approve access to JJIS for research projects that support county and statewide research priorities. 
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