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JJIS Overview

Juvenile Justice Information System

The Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS) is a shared information system for Oregon juvenile justice. The statewide, integrated electronic JJIS database provides:

  • comprehensive information about youth involved with Oregon’s state and county juvenile justice agencies;
  • comprehensive support for managing individual youth cases and tracking youth through the justice process;
  • capacity for informing the overall planning, development, and evaluation of programs designed to reduce youth crime; and
  • support for the common business needs of juvenile justice partnership agencies.
JJIS is administered through a collaborative state-county partnership between Oregon Youth Authority and Oregon's county juvenile departments. JJIS is governed jointly through the JJIS Steering Committee which includes representatives of OYA and the Oregon Juvenile Department Directors' Association (OJDDA). 

Access to JJIS is granted to OYA and the county juvenile departments pursuant to signed intergovernmental agreements. Other public and private agencies that work with youth served by the county juvenile departments and OYA are external partners. 
The JJIS Steering Committee authorizes access to JJIS and JJIS data for research projects that support county and statewide research priorities. 

JJIS Annual Reports

These reports are prepared by the JJIS Data and Evaluation Committee, the JJIS Reports Team, and OYA's Research and Evaluation Unit to aid county juvenile departments in planning, development, and evaluation of programs designed to reduce juvenile crime.

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JJIS for System Partners

The Juvenile Justice Partner System (JJPS) and Juvenile Provider Access System (JPAS) are subsystems of JJIS designed to provide information for designated public safety agency users and county juvenile parole/probation staff.

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 JJIS Modernization

JJIS Modernization is a project to replace the existing JJIS application and will provide anytime, anywhere access on mobile devices such as cellphones, laptops, and tablets.

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