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The Complaint Process

The Oregon Physical Therapist Licensing Board licenses physical therapists and physical therapist assistants and is responsible for the oversight of physical therapy practice in Oregon. In fulfilling this responsibility, the Board investigates complaints filed against physical therapists and physical therapist assistants concerning inadequate or incompetent treatment, concerning licensee misconduct or concerning any other violation of the laws and rules governing physical therapy practice. 

When the Board receives a complaint its staff conducts a confidential investigation. This investigation includes a review of the physical therapy record and other appropriate patient records; interviews of the complainant, the therapist and other witnesses; and a review of any other records or documents related to the complaint. Depending on the nature of the complaint, such an investigation may take from several weeks to several months to complete. A report of the completed investigation is reviewed by the Board to determine whether the physical therapist or physical therapist assistant who is the subject of the complaint has violated the laws and rules applicable to physical therapy practice. 

If the Board determines from the investigation that a violation has occurred, the Board may initiate a disciplinary proceeding that can result in the therapist being sanctioned. Sanctions available to the Board include reprimand, probation, payment of a monetary penalty, license restrictions, license suspension and license revocation. A disciplinary proceeding is begun when the Board issues a Notice of Proposed Disciplinary Action. The licensee is entitled to a hearing to contest the Board's allegations of misconduct. If a hearing is requested, an Administrative Law Judge hears the testimony of the witnesses, considers the other evidence and prepares a proposed order for the Board's consideration. The hearing is closed to the public. Upon receipt of the proposed order, the Board deliberates and issues the Final Order. The case may also be resolved without a hearing through an agreement between the Board and the therapist resulting in a Stipulation and Final Order. 

If the Board determines from the investigation that no violation has occurred the Board will close the case. In all cases the Board notifies the complainant of the outcome of the case. The Board is prohibited by law from disclosing to the public whether it has received a complaint regarding a particular therapist, from disclosing the name of the person filing a complaint and from disclosing any information developed in the course of an investigation. Upon request, the Board is required to disclose to the public the Notice of Proposed Disciplinary Action that initiates the disciplinary proceeding, an Emergency License Suspension Order, if one is issued in the case, and the Final Order that concludes the case. 

If you want to make a complaint about a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant, regarding treatment, misconduct, or any other violation of the laws and rules governing physical therapy practice, please submit a complaint through our online portal. 

If you prefer to complete a form on paper, use the link below to download a paper copy of the form. You may mail, email, or fax it to the Board.