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License Verifications

Mailed or Emailed Verifications

The Board will provide written verification of a license upon receiving a request from the licensee. Requests must be submitted through the License Portal. The cost of a License Verification is $25.

The verification will be mailed or sent electronically, typically within three business days. 

The verification will show the licensee's:

  • Name
  • License Type
  • Licensing Method
  • Initial Licensure Date
  • License Number
  • License Status
  • If Licensee has been Publicly Disciplined
To request a License Verification, the licensee will need to log in to their License Portal, then navigate to the License Verification form. The link to the form is on the left side of your screen if completing on a computer, or within the menu in the upper right corner if completing on a mobile device. 

On the form, the licensee will need to provide the mailing address of the organization that they want the verification sent to. Please ensure that the address provided is correct and complete. Payment is accepted directly within the portal via credit card.

Note- If the Licensee has never logged into the License Portal, they will need to first activate their account! To activate your account, you'll click on the "Activate Now" button, then provide the email address that the Board has on file for you. The system will find your account, then email you a temporary password. If the Board does not have an email address on file for you, or if you no longer have access to the email address on file, you'll need to email or call the board to get access to your account.

Online Verification

Don't need verification mailed? Any member of the public can also verify a license using our Online Licensee Search

Licensees should consult with the agency that the written verification is being provided to- many will accept the results from the online license search. You may be able to save time and money by directing them to the online search, or providing a printout of the search results. The Online Licensee Search provides real-time information, meaning that as soon as the Board approves a license, documents discipline, or makes any other change to a license, the change will be visible in the Online Search. The search is a primary source.