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Renewal of a Lapsed License

Renewing a Lapsed License

Activating Your Account
Before you can renew your lapsed license, you’ll need to Activate your account if you have not done so already. Activation is easy, and allows the Board to match your existing license information to your new License Portal. You will only need to activate your account the first time that you login.  If you have previously activated your account, simply log in to the License Portal and see the instructions for Renewing your Lapsed License below.

    Instructions for Activating your Account:
  1. Go to the Licensee Portal. You can do this by visiting the Self Service Portal at any time. (Hint: from most pages on our site, you can access the Self Service Portal through either the header or footer of the page!)
  2. Click “Activate Now” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Enter your email address, social security number, and Birth Date.
  4. Check your email to get your temporary password
  5. Note: If you don’t receive an email, remember to check your spam folder!
  6. Return to the License Portal login page and login with your temporary password.
  7. Set a new password and security questions.
  8. You’ve activated your Licensee Portal!

Important: You’ll need to provide the email address that the Board has on file for you. If you no longer have access to this email account, or if you’re not sure what email address the Board has on file, contact Board staff by email to verify or update your address. If you have multiple email addresses, please try all of them before contacting the Board.

Additionally, several email providers are blocking emails from state senders, including Providence, Hotmail, and MSN. Unfortunately, we have no control over this. If you have one of these email providers and you do not receive the temporary password, please contact the Board to provide an alternative email address.

Start Your Renewal Application
When you’ve logged into the Licensee Portal, click on “License Renewal,” then follow the steps to complete your renewal application.

Be prepared to update your contact information, report your Continuing Competence coursework and upload your continuing education certificates, and, answer questions about your personal history since your last renewal. You’ll also be redirected to the Oregon Health Authority’s Workplace Data Survey. You must complete the survey before your renewal will be considered complete. 
You can pay the renewal and late fee by credit card or by check. If you choose to pay by check, you’ll need to either print your invoice to mail with the payment, or write your license number on the memo line of the check. Please keep in mind that your renewal cannot be processed until payment is received, so the license will remain lapsed until the check is received.

Once you have submitted the renewal application, Board staff will review your application and follow up with you regarding any additional questions related to your renewal.  Once reviewed and any follow up questions are received, your application will be processed and you will receive an approval email.  You may then log in to the License Portal to print a copy of your renewed license.
NOTE for licenses lapsed more than one year:  If you are renewing a license that has lapsed for more than one year, in addition to the requirements above, you will also be required to complete the Oregon Jurisprudence Exam (OR-JAM), submit a fingerprint-based background check via FieldPrint, the results of both must be received and approved prior to processing your renewal application, and pay all applicable back licensing additional to the renewal and late fee.