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Public Records

Requesting Public Records

A request for public records that are in the custody of the Oregon Board of Physical Therapy may be made by submitting a written request.

The request must include:

·         The name and address of the person requesting the public record;

·         The telephone number or email address of the person requesting the public record; and

·    A sufficiently detailed description of the record(s) requested to allow the Board to search for and identify responsive records.

·         The request must be dated and signed by the person requesting the public record.

A request may be submitted by mail, fax, or email, or can be delivered in person to the Board's office. Submitting a record request in person does not mean that you will receive documents on the same day of your request.


To submit a request by mail or in person, send to:

Oregon Board of Physical Therapy

800 NE Oregon St, Suite 407

Portland, OR 97232


To submit a request by electronically, use the online form here, or send to:

To submit a request by fax, send to:


Please note, with the exception of notices of proposed disciplinary action and final orders, records containing information obtained as part of an investigation of a licensee or applicant are exempt from public disclosure. State law prohibits the Board from disclosing such records. See Oregon Revised Statue 676.165 and 676.175 for additional information.

The Board waives fees for a minimum of 30 minutes of staff member time required to locate, produce, redact, or otherwise provide records. However, the Board may deny eligibility for the 30-minute waiver if the Board finds the requester fragments a request that, if taken in the aggregate, would amount to significantly more than 30 minutes; or the requester submits multiple small requests in a short time-frame causing an undue burden on the agency. Hard copy photocopies, if requested, incur a $25 fee, plus 10c per page.

·         Staff Time: $25 per hour.

·         DOJ, special attorney and other applicable legal fees: At the actual hourly rate charged for public records request-related services. Fees are subject to statutory limitations described in ORS 192.324(4)(b) and (c).