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Treasury Scholarship Helps Diverse and Underrepresented Oregon Students Pursue Higher Education

Treasury Scholarship Helps Diverse and Underrepresented Oregon Students Pursue Higher Education

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October 15, 2021

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October 12, 2021 – In late September, Oregon State Treasury was thrilled to announce the winners of the inaugural Diversity in Leadership Scholarship. Awardees Zemzem Hussen and Monserrat Beltran Juarez both intend to pursue jobs in the medical sector – read more about them and their exciting plans here.

For us at Treasury, launching this new, multiyear scholarship program and building toward the first round of awards was a long time coming. We know that education is a key to a better future – that’s why we help thousands of thousands of families save for higher education through the Oregon College Savings Plan.

Yet we also know that Oregonians from underserved communities often face higher hurdles to achieve their academic goals. Enter the Oregon College Savings Plan’s annual Diversity in Leadership Scholarship, which will make life and career aspirations more attainable for underrepresented and diverse students who pursue their higher education in Oregon.

“We are excited that Treasury’s ‘Diversity in Leadership Scholarship’ will make it easier for students with barriers to higher education, such as Zemzem and Monserrat, to pursue their education and job training,” said Treasurer Read in the accompanying news release. “Inclusion is vital. All students deserve access to a quality and affordable education right here in Oregon.”

Two new scholarship recipients will be selected each year, with awardees receiving $10,000 for their freshman year and $5,000 for each of the next three years of full-time enrollment, or until completion of their degree, whichever comes earlier.

The scholarships can help to finance higher education and job training at an array of Oregon-based accredited institutions and programs, including apprenticeship programs, trade schools, community colleges, colleges or universities.

The Oregon College Savings Plan makes it easier for Oregonians to save for higher education and job training, making education more affordable and reducing the need for student loans.

To facilitate more saving, Oregonians who save through the program – including parents, grandparents, friends, and even the students themselves – are eligible for the new Oregon Education Savings Tax Credit. In addition, all investment earnings are tax-free when used for qualified education-connected expenses.

We’re administering the Diversity in Leadership Scholarship via a partnership with the Oregon Community Foundation. Applications for the next round of awards will be accepted from November 1 until March 1. Visit the foundation to learn more and download an application.

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