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Treasury's Budget

Treasury's Budget

Oregon State Treasury operates under a one-biennium, or two-year, budget process. Our budget is reviewed and adopted by the Oregon State Legislature each odd-number year.

Our proposed Governor’s Budget for the 2021-23 biennium is for $128 million. The breakdown by major program area is below. While the specific numbers may change in the final Legislatively Adopted Budget, the relative size of each program area will be similar to the pie chart.

Funding for our work comes from fees charged for our financial services. These fees are paid by state and local governments using our banking services; investors whose funds we manage; and public and private entities using our bond issuance and management services.

You can see our full 2021-23 Governor’s Budget here.

To review our presentation to the Oregon Legislature about our 2021-23 budget, click here.

2021-23 Budget Request

pie chart of budget

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