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2021-2023 Youth Community Investments Grants

Interactive Map of 2021-2023 Awarded Youth Grants

Click on link below to be taken to an interactive map of all Awarded Youth Grants for the 2021-2023 grant cycle. This map shows where and what organizations were awarded Youth Community investment and Reengagement grants.  

Click here to be taken to the map. 

2021-2023 Youth Community Investment Intent to Award Grantees

Click on the links below to see a list of Intent to Award grantees for our 2021-2023 Youth Community Investment Grants  

Youth Promise Grant Initiative

Youth Workforce Readiness Grant Initiative

Youth Solutions Grant Initiative

Youth Violence and Gang Prevention 

2021-2023 Youth Community Investment Grants

The 2021-2023 Youth Development Council (YDC) Community Investment Grants are grant funded initiatives aimed at serving youth ages 6-24 at risk of disengaging from school  The efforts funded through this grant are required to be culturally responsive, sexual and gender-identity affirming and address various barriers to educational and workforce success.  The grant funding initiatives are the following:

Youth Promise

The Youth Promise initiative is intended to support youth ages 6-24 by providing funds for existing programming to a variety of service providers throughout the state. The Youth Promise initiative seeks to help improve and sustain engagement in education and the workforce so that youth may realize their full potential. Program services address protective factors that prevent school school disengagement, unhealthy behaviors, and criminal activity.  Funded program services may include, but are not limited to mentoring, mental health supports, culturally specific, after school activities, prosocial services, barrier removal, and positive relationships.

Youth Workforce Readiness

The Youth Workforce initiative supports existing community efforts to directly provide youth ages 14-24 with career exploration and skill development services that will lead to sustainable living wage work opportunities. This initiative is intended to support existing programming services that includes, but is not limited to: career connected learning; internships and apprenticeships; soft skill development; entrepreneurship programming, workforce reentry services for youth involved in the justice system; and career mentoring/counseling to ensure that youth have the tools they need to access employment and thrive in their chosen careers.

Youth Solutions

Youth Solutions initiative supports youth ages 6-24 with risk factors leading to negative educational and workforce outcomes. Efforts funded through this program include, but are not limited to programs and services that are new and innovative, scaling up of a current program, system level change work, middle school age workforce/career exposure, delivery of mental health and or drug/alcohol treatment services, homeless support, and restorative justice practices

Youth Violence and Gang Prevention

The Youth Violence and Gang Prevention initiative prevents and directly supports youth ages 12-24 at risk of committing or being victims of violent crime. Services related to this grant address factors leading to or exposing youth to violent and or criminal gang activity. Services include, but are not limited to the following: re-entry services, community outreach, trauma informed and mental health supports, prosocial activities, mentoring, creation of positive safe spaces, case management.

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