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Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

The Oregon Department of Education's, Youth Development Division (YDD) serves as Oregon's Designated State Agency (DSA) for the monitoring of facilities and administration of federal funds relative to compliance with the Title II Formula Grant Program - Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) of 2018. Authorized under 34 USC 11133, the JJDPA requires that states annually certify the core protections (e.g. deinstitutionalization of status/non-offenders, separation of juveniles from adult inmates, and removal of juveniles from jails or lockups for adults) afforded to juveniles who may become detained or confined at a facility under law enforcement, or court authority.

To do this, the YDD maintains a list of every facility identified where lawful custody can occur. These facilities must be surveyed for their use of construction features (i.e. cells, lockable interview rooms, stationary cuffing apparatuses, or secured perimeters preventing egress) and whether they serve juveniles, adults, or both. The YDD then classifies each facility (i.e. jail, lockup, detention, or correctional facilities) in accordance with their capacity to detain (secure vs. nonsecure), purpose for use (court, investigations, or post-confinement) and population served (juvenile, adult or both). From there, the YDD applies a set of standards (e.g. 34 USC 11133 Sec 223(a)(11),(12),or (13)) based on the facility's classification. These facilities are then prompted to demonstrate compliance of these requirements by submitting data annually and undergoing an on-site inspection triennially.

For additional information, please see:
Definitions OAR 423-155-0001
Oregon Compliance Plan (updated manual coming soon)
Maintaining Compliance with Custody and Facility Provisions OAR 423-155-0010
Technical Assistance for Institutions Found out of Compliance OAR 423-155-0025

More information coming soon. 

Ryan Shands 
Title II Compliance Monitor
Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (34 USC § 11133)
ODE | Youth Development Division – Juvenile Crime Prevention Team
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