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Meetings Archive

Note: We are in the process of updating our Meeting Archive. Our most recent meetings can be accessed on our YouTube channel. If there are meeting materials or records your interested in accessing please contact us at 

9/10/20209.10.20 Council Agenda
9/10/20209.10.20 Council Meeting Video
8/3/20208.3.20 Juvenile Justice Committee Agenda
8/3/20208.3.20 Juvenile Justice Committee Agenda
6/11/20206.11.20 Council Agenda
6/11/20206.11.20 Council Meeting Video
3/19/20203.19.20 Council Agenda
3/19/20203.19.20 Minutes Council
3/18/20203.18.20 Strategic Planning Committee Agenda
12/12/201912.12.19 Council Agenda
11/18/201911.18.19 Strategic Planning Committee Agenda
10/15/201910.15.2019 Strategic Planning Committee Agenda
9/12/20199.12.19 Council Agenda
9/12/20199.12.19 Council Meeting Audio
9/4/20199.4.19 Strategic Planning Committee Agenda
6/13/20196.13.19 Council Agenda
3/14/20193.14.19 Council Agenda
3/14/20193.14.19 Council Meeting Audio
12/13/201812.13.18 Council Agenda
12/13/201812.13.18 Council Agenda
9/13/20189.13.18 Council Agenda
5/4/20185.4.18 Council Agenda
5/4/20185.4.18 Council Agenda
3/13/20183.13.18 Council Agenda