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September 2009
Agency Update

 PEBB seeks to support agency and university administration of benefits. These periodic newsletters keep you updated on plans and changes. We look forward to your ideas and feedback.
Download the September Agency Update (pdf)

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No SSN. Social Security number (SSN) is no longer an ID option. This applies to registration and log in. Options are PEBB Benefit Number, Employee ID or University ID.
Changes. Changes in the works will make online enrollment and management easier for members and agencies. See the list (pdf).
Flexible Spending Accounts. Beginning Oct. 1, PDB will calculate Total Annual Election based on employee entry of monthly contribution amount and number of contributions (paychecks). The system will advise if the result goes over the annual limit. Members employed by Academic Year may select 9, 10 or 12 annual contributions. Selecting 9 or 10 requires naming the summer months without a contribution (paycheck). Eligibility rules on claims continue to apply.
Agency Reporting Tools. During and after Open Enrollment, agencies will be able to pull a number of reports with data updated to the time of the report. See the list (pdf).
PDB Process Schedule. Keep the PDB Process Schedule handy to help you stay updated October through December. Save or print a copy (pdf).

2010 Plans
Medical Plans. The Board offers the following plans for 2010:
  • Kaiser Permanente HMO in the plan’s service area
  • Providence Choice plan in the Portland area
  • PEBB’s Statewide Plan in all areas
The Board will not offer the Kaiser Permanente Added Choice or Regence BlueCross BlueShield plans.
Transition of Care. The administrator for PEBB’s Statewide Plan will use recent claims data to identify members who may need assistance with transition of care at the start of the new plan year. These are members being treated for complex or chronic conditions. Staff is working a method of self-referral.
Part-time Calculations. View or print a pdf of the worksheet and calculations examples for part-time employees who choose full-time plans. View

Enrollment & Eligibility
New Hire Enrollment. During October, New Hires who enroll online in 2009 medical coverage will receive a message that they must also enroll in a medical plan for 2010 as part of annual Open Enrollment. Those who enroll online in an FSA for 2009 will receive a message that, if they want an FSA in 2010, they must also enroll during annual Open Enrollment.
Forms Note: New hires who choose to use forms must submit forms for both 2009 and 2010. Not enrolling during Open Enrollment will move the employee to the employee-only tier in the Statewide Plan effective Jan. 1, 2010, with dependents losing coverage that date, and no FSA for 2010.
Active Military Duty. An employee on leave for active military duty must continue to receive core benefits at the tier level in effect before the leave started. These employees may enroll online during Open Enrollment or submit forms to the agency. Agency representatives to whom these employees have assigned power of attorney for benefits may enroll on their behalf. Agencies should inform these employees of the mandatory-medical Open Enrollment for 2010 and that, if they don’t enroll, their dependents will lose coverage beginning Jan 1, 2010. The employee or representative may also make mid-year plan changes using an update form within 60 days of the event.
When to Use an Appeal Form. Employees should use a PEBB Appeal Form for issues on enrollment and eligibility beyond 60 days of the event that initiates the issue. Example: removing coverage for a former spouse six months after the date of divorce. If you receive an update form beyond the 60-day window, send the update form to PEBB. Staff will request an appeal form from the employee if needed. Staff will also request an explanation on untimely requests to add individuals to coverage.

Board MessageHere's a concise statement (pdf) on Open Enrollment for agency communications.
Portal Page Recent additions on PEBB’s Statewide Plan discuss out-of-network provider charges, coordination of benefits, comparing networks and that the Board will not sponsor the Kaiser Permanente Added Choice plan in 2010. Open the the Portal Page.
NewsletterThe September edition reaffirms mandatory-medical Open Enrollment and summarizes criteria for covering others. E-mail notice will be disitributed Sept. 8.
Member MailingPEBB will mail required notices and a summary of Open Enrollment information to all members midmonth using the current address in members’ records. Returns will go to the agency.
Pay MessageOSPS October paystubs will include notice on Open Enrollment. Banner may, as well.
FormsPEBB will post streamlined forms midmonth: www.oregon.gov/das/pebb/forms.shtml.
How to RegisterView a short video (or PDF) that shows how to register online (updates to come): http://www.oregon.gov/sites/DAS/PEBB/OE_2009/Video/Register_Here_video.page
Phone-AssistBeginning Sept. 15, refer employees to phone assistance at (503) 373-1102 to hear short summaries on dependents, domestic partners, flexible spending accounts and enrolling with forms.
WebcastsPEBB staff is planning periodic Webcasts and e-mail blasts during October with updates for agency representatives. Stay tuned for dates, times and links.
Posters Place an order for posters to display in worksites during Open Enrollment

We welcome your input. Send suggestions for October’s Update.

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