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November 15, 2010
Download the Agency Update and Attachments

 PEBB seeks to support agency and university administration of benefits. These periodic newsletters keep you updated on plans and changes. We look forward to your ideas and feedback.
Download the November 15 Agency Update (pdf) 


Actions After Open Enrollment
No Retroactive Actions. Beginning Jan. 1, 2011, agencies will not be able to process or terminate enrollments in pebb.benefits retroactively.
Agency Open Enrollment Module.  The Agency Open Enrollment module closed November 12 at midnight. Agencies can’t process Open Enrollment documents in this module after it closes.
Correcting Health Plan Enrollment Errors.  Please continue to assist employees in correcting errors they made enrolling in during Open Enrollment. They can download the Open Enrollment Correction Form at http://oregon.gov/DAS/PEBB/forms.shtml.  These corrections become effective Jan. 1, 2011, if the agency receives this form by Dec. 31, 2010. Agencies can make prospective corrections to enrollment errors made by employees during Open Enrollment if the agency receives the form by:
  1. Jan.31, 2011, for state agency employees
  2. Feb. 28 2011, for state university employees
Please advise employees who need to correct a 2011 FSA enrollment error to submit an FSA Correction Form to PEBB.
Remedying Loss of Dependent Coverage. The Remedy Form is attached and available on PEBB’s forms page at http://oregon.gov/DAS/PEBB/forms.shtml. This form allows employees who failed to enroll during Open Enrollment to correct the impending loss of coverage for currently covered dependents. Agencies may want to distribute the form via e-mail to employees who failed to actively enroll during Open Enrollment. Please let these employees know that the agency must receive the form by December 31 for the remedy to be in effect on Jan. 1, 2011. A remedy shortcut for use in pebb.benefits is attached. Employees who forgot to add a dependent during Open Enrollment must submit an Open Enrollment Correction form within the allowed correction period.
Adding Dependents to Coverage. Employees may add dependents to coverage in 2011 when they experience a qualified midyear change that allows a plan change. They must submit a Midyear Change Form to the agency within 30 days of the event that allows the plan change. The allowed change goes into effect the first of the month following agency receipt of the form.
2010 FSAs. Changes and corrections to member FSA enrollments must be received before processing of December payroll. For OSPS, this is the November 30 payroll run; for OUS, it’s December 31.

Member Benefit Summaries.  Individual benefit summaries will be mailed to employees contact address beginning this week, with mailing slated to be completed by November 23. The summaries include each covered employee’s enrollment data as of November 5. An information sheet included in the mailing advises employees what to look for on their summary. See the attached copy.
Notice on Early Retiree Reinsurance Program. The information sheet also includes notice that the federal government has certified PEBB to participate in the ERRP. Certification requires that PEBB notify all members. PEBB included this notice with the Benefit Summary to constrain mailing costs.
November Newsletter. The November newsletter will be published after close of business on November 16. Contents touch on reviewing your benefit summary; planning for the future through wills, advance directives and POLST (physician orders for life sustaining technology); changing your life for the better with support from benefit programs; and choosing a medical home clinic in Providence Choice.

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