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Public Employees' Benefit Board Meeting Minutes
Jan. 19, 2010
Public Employees’ Benefit Board
DAS General Services Building
1225 Ferry St SE, Ste B, Salem
Public Meeting Minutes
Tues., Jan. 19, 2010; 10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
APPROVED 20100216
NOTE:  Time codes for the video stream (x:xx:xx) are provided at the beginning of each section. Please refer to the recorded video stream of this meeting for additional details. Topics may be heard out of order from the agenda.
Board Members Present
Suzanne Hoffman, Chair
Rich Peppers, Vice-Chair
Peter Callero
Rocky King
Diane Lovell
Paul McKenna
Jeanene Smith
Bret West
PEBB Staff Present
Bobbie Barott
Wendy Edwards
Chelsea Hollingsworth
Joan Kapowich
Kathy Loretz
Margaret Smith-Isa
Chérie Taylor
Guests Present
Jennifer Aberg, VSP
Kelly Freels, DAS-BAM
Sally Hill, Providence
Megan Myrick, Willamette Dental
Cynthia Platonov, ODS
Jean Poling, Kaiser
David Scearce, The Standard
Joanne Scharer, The Lund Report
Dan Stevens, Providence
Consultants Present
Mikel Gray, Mercer
Welcome and Approval of Minutes
Overview of Meeting and Updates
Providence Pay for Performance
2009 Q3 Dashboard Report
Public Comment
Operations Subcommittee Report
Member Survey/Optional Benefits/
    Member Suggestions
Providence Transition Update
Board Elections
PEBB By-Laws
2012 Self Insurance RFP
VIDEO STREAM/SCREEN 1 (00:00/01:31:18)
Welcome and Approval of Minutes (info/discussion/action: Bdattach.1)
Chair Hoffman opened the meeting and called for a motion to approve the minutes from the Board’s Dec. 15, 2009 minutes.
Action: Diane Lovell moved to approve the Board’s Dec. 15, 2009 minutes. Paul McKenna seconded and the minutes were unanimously passed.

Overview of Meeting and Updates
Joan Kapowich reviewed the agenda and updated the Board on general topics of interest. Jeanene Smith updated the Board on OHPR’s Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Workgroup’s activities and timelines.
Providence Pay for Performance (info/discussion)
Dan Stevens, Providence, presented information on the Providence Pay for Performance model.
2009 Q3 Dashboard Report (info/discussion: Bdattach.3)
Mikel Gray, Mercer, reviewed the third quarter Dashboard for the Board.
Public Comment
No public comment was presented.
VIDEO STREAM/SCREEN 2 (00:00/01:30:04)
Operations Subcommittee Report (info/discussion)
Paul McKenna, Subcommittee Chair, and Wendy Edwards shared information from the Jan. 12, 2010 Operations Subcommittee meeting.
Member Survey/Optional Benefits/Member Suggestions (info/discussion/action: Bdattachs.2, 2a and 2b)
Joan Kapowich presented preliminary member survey results to the Board. The Board discussed Optional Benefits proposals and reviewed Member Suggestions (action on which was tabled at the Board’s Dec. 15, 2009 meeting until the survey results were available).
Action: Vice Chair Peppers moved to not offer additional voluntary types of insurances in 2011. Diane Lovell seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.
Providence Transition Update (info/discussion)
Wendy Edwards, with Jason Lincoln and Sally Hill, Providence, updated the Board on the 2010 Providence ASO transition.
Board Elections (info/discussion)
Past Chair Nelson officially handed off her gavel to Chair Peppers. Governor Kulongoski has appointed Barney Speight, OHA, as her replacement. Bret West has also resigned, but his replacement has not yet appointed his replacement.
Amendment to PEBB By-Laws (info/discussion/actionBdattach.5)
Joan Kapowich discussed the need for an amendment to Board By-Laws; specifically, § IV.A. Election of Officers that would allow the Board Chair or Vice Chair to determine alternative timing of elections from January to March of even years.
Action: Chair Peppers moved to accept staff’s recommendation to amend Board By-Laws. Diane Lovell seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.
2012 Self Insurance RFP (info/discussion/actionBdattach.4)
Wendy Edwards and Mikel Gray, Mercer, presented information on the 2012 medical self-insurance RFP.
Action:  Diane Lovell moved to accept staff’s recommendation to streamline the RFP process by allocating resources to fewer RFP work groups, making decisions on tiers, opt out and rural subsidy by the March 2010 meeting and focusing the RFP on single vendors excluding the recommendation on OPDP. Peter Callero seconded the motion that passed 6 for and 1 against (Rocky King). Past Chair Hoffman abstained. Jeanene Smith proposed that the OPDP portion of Bdattach.4 would be discussed in a near-future meeting pending additional staff data gathering. Chair Peppers supported the proposal.