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Routes and Corridors Eligible for STIP Preservation Funded Durable Striping


As part of the current Pavement System Preservation Strategy developed and approved by the Highway Leadership Team, the Statewide Pavement Committee was directed to define how and where preservations funds could be used for the application of durable striping lines. In response to this direction, the Statewide Pavement Committee authored and approved an issue paper proposing a new process plan that would assist regional STIP project delivery teams in determining which routes and corridors are eligible for STIP preservation funded durable striping lines. The plan utilizes a specialized map and matrix for determining eligibility, which is based on route and location, striping line type, durable material type, application method, estimated preservation reimbursement cost, and Statewide Pavement Committee approved Regional Striping Plans. (Regional Striping Plans include specific "must have" durable material designations for selected routes and corridors.) The expectation from Highway Leadership Team is that all Regions will use the map and matrix in the planning of 1R and 3R STIP preservation projects. (STIP chip seal projects and Low Volume projects are not eligible for STIP preservation funded durable striping lines.)

Effective October 1, 2012, all STIP preservation projects in design that are pre-DAP must abide by the new process plan. Projects that are post-DAP before the effectivity date are "grandfathered" and do not have to follow the new process plan.

Issues BriefDescribes the background for why the policy was developed.

State Highway Map – Showing eligible routes and corridors, eligible durable type and reimbursement.

Highway Listing – Highway by highway list showing eligible routes and corridors.

Statewide Pavement Committee Bulletin - Describing the policy and including Frequently Asked Questions.