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Training and Certification

Bridge inspectors evaluate a metal beam

The Oregon Department of Transportation Construction Section sponsors training and certification programs for technicians, inspectors and laboratories working on ODOT construction projects. Some courses are provided by organizations other than ODOT. Course descriptions are noted below under "Certification Training."

The construction inspector certification training season runs from November to May. Please see our Construction Training and Certification 2023-2024 schedule for the latest information about our current offerings. Remember, if you are an external learner to ODOT, you need to set up a Workday Learning account before you may enroll in our courses. If your certification is expiring, you may challenge an exam by registering here.

Construction materials technician training will continue through the cooperation of our industry partners. For information, visit APAO, OCAPA, and ACI for current enrollment details.

ODOT is committed to providing equal access to our training for all participants. To request an ADA reasonable accommodation, please complete an Accommodation Request form at least 7-days prior to a class or exam and email it to our team at

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Construction Training Program Questions?

Review the frequently asked questions or email us.

Inspector Certification Training – This training is tailored for highway construction inspection by ODOT, consultants, and local agencies. Certification is available for Bridge, Drilled Shaft, Environmental, General, ACP, and Traffic Signal inspection.
For specific details, visit the Inspector Certification page.
  • General Construction Inspector
  • Asphalt Concrete Pavement Inspector
  • Bridge Construction Inspector
  • Drilled Shaft Construction Inspector
  • Environmental Construction Inspector
  • Traffic Signal Inspector
ADA Curb Ramp Certification​ – ODOT offers an online, self-study training course which includes a written exam and field exam to receive a 2-year certification as an ADA Curb Ramp Inspector for inspectors and contractors. This course provides an introduction to ADA curb ramp inspection and construction.
Laboratory Certification Program – Ensures that laboratories consistently provide quality test results.
Technician Certification Training – Develops and maintains a pool of well-trained technicians to perform field testing of materials for both quality control and quality assurance. This training is provided by outside vendors.
For specific details about the technician classes, visit the Technician Certification page.
  • Certified Aggregate Technician
  • Certified Embankment and Base Technician
  • Certified Density Technician
  • Certified Asphalt Technician I
  • Certified Asphalt Technician II
  • Certified Mix Design Technician
  • Quality Control Technician
  • Concrete Control Technician
  • Concrete Strength Testing Technician
Certification Database – Shows current certifications for inspectors and technicians.

We provide other training sessions, meetings, and workshops to assist you in improving your skills while working on construction projects. These are offered throughout the year.
Annual Inspector Workshop – Includes presentations by technical experts to address the “grey” areas in applying the specifications to construction inspection. It is an information sharing workshop for experienced inspectors.
Annual RE Meeting – Share statewide perspectives on current construction project management issues and vision for the future. (ODOT-only)
CAT II for Quality Assurance​ – Provides fundamental training in CAT II materials for QCCS's to prepare for CAT II certification. (ODOT-only)
Chip Seal – Trains Project Management and Maintenance staff to properly inspect and construct both emulsified and hot asphalt chip seal. Chip Seal 2024 Manual
Contract Administration Workshop – Provides training and information sharing to improve and maintain statewide consistency in administration of ODOT state and federal aid funded construction projects by providing ODOT'S procedures and processes.
Erosion and Sediment Control Manager – Trains construction contractor personnel who will be performing Erosion and Sediment Control Manager services on construction contracts. Individuals must pass an exam either by taking the training or challenging the exam.
FHWA Contract Administration Core Curriculum – Provided by the Federal Highway Administration. Explains basic federal aid requirements; promotes awareness of FHWA policy; facilitates familiarity with changes in the Contract Administration Core Curriculum manual; and allows supervised practice activities using the manual to find information. Includes in-class exercises and case studies. Participants work with the Contract Administration Core Curriculum manual and learn how to best use it as a daily resource.
Pavement Forum – Provides annual feedback/updates to ODOT personnel about what pavement-related issues from the previous construction season. Projected issues for the upcoming construction season are discussed as well.
Quality Control Compliance Specialists Workshop – This is an annual workshop for individuals performing quality control compliance. The information is targeted around issues related to ensuring that quality control is performed at the highest level on construction projects. (ODOT-only)​
Structure Coatings Inspector Workshop – Teaches basic knowledge and skills required to be a paint inspector on a structure coating project. Ensures consistent inspection and quality compliance with the plans and specifications. This class is offered each spring before coating projects start.
Survey Fundamentals – Familiarizes inspectors with the basics of surveying related to construction operations. The class is not intended to teach inspectors how to be surveyors. It provides inspectors the tools to validate that the contractor has staked the project to match the plans.

Traffic Control Supervisor / Technician (Full Cert) and Traffic Control Supervisor / Technician (Recert) - Trains internal ODOT employees with the fundamental principals of setting up and taking down work zones. Participants will also learn to read and understand construction traffic control plans. After the successful completion of the course and the associated exam, the participant will be certified as a Traffic Control Technician AND as a Flagger for Oregon highway projects. For those external to ODOT, you may become certified through Evergreen Safety Council​.

​The ODOT construction training season runs November through May and the schedule is posted on our main training webpage. Before you may enroll in an ODOT training class, you must first set up a Workday Learning Account​. The upcoming season’s classes will be posted on Workday Learning in September. The ADA Curb Ramp Inspection and the Traffic Signal Inspector Certifications are available online digitally throughout the season.