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Inspector's Manual

PLEASE NOTE: Hard copies of the Inspector's Manual are not available for purchase. If you need a printed copy of any chapter, please print from these online links. The chapters are formatted to print on double-sided, 8.5x11 paper. The date that each chapter has been updated is as listed.

If you would like to purchase tabs, a printed cover and a printed spine for a 1.5" binder, they are available online.

To receive an email notification when updates to the Inspector's manual are released, please submit your name and email address to ODOT.Contractsvs@odot.state.or.us. Include "Inspector's Manual Updates" in the subject line of the email.



Part ​Title ​Updated
​Foreword ​05/14
​General Guidance ​05/14
​Table of Contents ​05/14
​100 General Requirements ​05/14
200​ Mobilization and Traffic Control ​05/14
300​ ​Roadwork ​05/14
​400 Drainage & Sewers ​05/14
​500 ​Bridges ​05/14
​600 ​Bases ​05/14
​700 Wearing Surfaces ​05/14
​800 Permanent Traffic Safety and Guidance Devices ​05/14
​900 Permanent Traffic Control and Illumination Systems ​05/14
1000​ Right of Way Development and Control ​05/14
​1100 ​Water Supply Systems ​05/14
​Appendix A: Inspector Manual Tables ​05/14
​Appendix B: Inspector Forms ​05/14
Appendix C: ODOT Available Checklists ​05/14
Appendix D: Non-Field Tested Materials Guide Flow Chart ​05/14
Appendix E: Documentation ​05/14
Appendix F: Slope Stake Survey Verification for Inspectors ​05/14

You may print the complete Inspector's Manual by clicking on this link: Inspector's Manual.

Due to the size of the file, the complete manual will take longer to print. We have provided each chapter for you to print the more manageable individual files or to print the most recent update of a chapter. Other than the cost you incur with your paper and ink, there is no fee to print copies of any part of this manual from your computer.