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Inspector's Manual

PLEASE NOTE: Hard copies of the Inspector's Manual are not available for purchase. If you need a printed copy of any chapter, please print from these online links. The chapters are formatted to print on double-sided, 8.5x11 paper. The date that each chapter has been updated is as listed.

If you would like to purchase tabs, a printed cover and a printed spine for a 1.5" binder, they are available online.

To receive an email notification when updates to the Inspector's manual are released, please submit your name and email address to ODOT.Contractsvs@odot.state.or.us. Include "Inspector's Manual Updates" in the subject line of the email.



Part ​Title ​Updated
​Foreword ​05/14
​General Guidance ​05/14
​Table of Contents ​05/14
​100 General Requirements ​05/14
200​ Mobilization and Traffic Control ​05/14
300​ ​Roadwork ​05/14
​400 Drainage & Sewers ​05/14
​500 ​Bridges ​05/14
​600 ​Bases ​05/14
​700 Wearing Surfaces ​05/14
​800 Permanent Traffic Safety and Guidance Devices ​05/14
​900 Permanent Traffic Control and Illumination Systems ​05/14
1000​ Right of Way Development and Control ​05/14
​1100 ​Water Supply Systems ​05/14
​Appendix A: Inspector Manual Tables ​05/14
​Appendix B: Inspector Forms ​05/14
Appendix C: ODOT Available Checklists ​05/14
Appendix D: Non-Field Tested Materials Guide Flow Chart ​05/14
Appendix E: Documentation ​05/14
Appendix F: Slope Stake Survey Verification for Inspectors ​05/14

You may print the complete Inspector's Manual.

We have provided each chapter for you to print the more manageable individual files or to print the most recent update of a chapter. Other than the cost you incur with your paper and ink, there is no fee to print copies of any part of this manual from your computer.​​