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QPL Pre-Search Information
Oregon QPL Conversion for Contracts still using the 2002 Specifications
In this edition of the Qualified Products List (QPL), the Specification numbers will display as they are in the 2008 Standard Specifications.  
The following list is a cross-over chart that will allow someone who has a project bid using the 2002 Standard Specs to reference the appropriate spec numbers used in this QPL.
QPL products referenced in Construction Contracts based on the 2008 specifications may have additional requirements not required by the 2002 Specs.  Read the Project Specifications closely.



Cross-over Chart

 Item Name  2002 Spec No.  2008 Spec No. Comments
 Fence – Plastic Orange (Workzone)  00270.10  00225.12 Only found in some Special Provisions
 Check Dams  00280.10b  00280.15a  
 Drainage Curbs  00280.10e  00280.15c  
 Soil Stabilizer – Dust Control  00280.10f  00280.14c Now called Chemical Dust Control
 Flow Spreader  00280.10g  00280.15e  
 Inlet Protection  00280.10h  00280.16d  
 Matting – Slope  00280.10i  00280.14e  
 Matting – Flexible Channel Liner  00280.10i  00280.14e  
 Mulches, Temporary    00280.10j  00280.14d  
 Plastic Sheeting  00280.10k  00280.14a  
 Sediment Barrier, Temporary  00280.10n  00280.16e  
 Sediment Fence  00280.10o  00280.16c  
 Sediment Mat  00280.10p  00280.16f  
 Slope Drain, Temporary  00280.104r  00280.15d  
 Outlet Filter  00280.10v  00280.00 No called Outlet Protection
 Slope Protection  00280.10w  00390  
 Revetment    00390.00  Eliminated from QPL  
 Manhole, Special (Stormwater)  00470.00  01092.10 Now called Stormwater Control Facilities
 Porous Paver  00760.00  To Be Determined  
 Barrier Markers  00820.11  00840 Now with Delineators as a Type 5
 Pavement Markings – Durable (Legends)  00850  00867* Now called Transverse Durable Markings
 Pavement Markings – Tape, Permanent   00851  00865* Now with Longitudinal Durable Markings
 Pavement Markings – Durable  00862  00865* Now called Longitudinal Durable Markings
 Pavement Markings – High Performance Longitudinal    00864  00866* Now Longitudinal High Performance Markings
 Pavement Markings – Painted Longitudinal   02840  00860* Now called Longitudinal Traffic Paint
 Pavement Markings – Reflective Elements (Glass Beads)  02840  00850* Now called Reflective Elements for Markings
 Pavement Markers  02840  00855*  
 Pavement Marker Adhesive – Bituminous and Epoxy   02840  00855*  
 Delineators, Flexible and Metal   02850  00840  
 Surface Mounted Tubular Markers (Permanent)  N/A   00856  
*Also refer to the Common Specs in 00850 of the 2008 Book