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Region Construction Advisors
The Region Construction Advisor may be contacted by either the Construction Contractor or the Project Manager. If the initial contact is from the Project Manager, they should assure that they have first discussed the issue with the appropriate ODOT Area Manager. It is expected that prior to bringing an issue to the Region Construction Advisor, the Contractor and Project Manager would have an initial discussion to attempt to resolve the issue amongst themselves.

Construction Advisor
Phone Number
Tamira Clark
Sonny Chickering
Mark Thompson
Jon Heacock
Monte Grove
Major Projects 
John Schnaderbeck

PlansThe Region Construction Advisor role was established in response to concerns raised by AGC members. They had repeatedly expressed concerns that they did not have an avenue to raise questions or concerns when they felt a Project Manager was treating them unfairly. Their original request was for ODOT to re-establish the Region Construction Manager positions. In an attempt to address their concern, ODOT established the Region Project Delivery Manager (PDM) positions in Regions 1 and 2. Even after the establishment of these positions, AGC members continued to express their concerns. They did not feel that the PDM’s were focused on construction and they still had no avenue in the other 3 Regions. After discussing the topic further, ODOT committed to assuring the PDM’s in Region 1 and 2 were committed to involvement in construction phase and also agreed to name individuals in the other three Regions as well as the Bridge Delivery Unit to step up and fill this role. Thus the role of the Region Construction Advisor was created.

Role of Region Construction Advisor
The primary role of the Region Construction Advisor is to facilitate the resolution of disputes between the Contractor and the Project Manager before the issue turns into a claim. A secondary role would be to serve as a sounding board for Contractors to see if they should pursue an idea or issue with the Project Manager. The Region Construction Advisor has no official authority within the construction contract and cannot reverse a decision of the Construction Project Manager. The Region Construction Advisors sole purpose is to act as an independent third party, listen to both sides of the issue and provide advice on steps that could be taken to resolve the dispute. (Guidance for the process to be used by the Region Construction Advisor is included in the attached flowchart.) Neither the Construction Contractor nor the Project Manager is bound by recommendations of the Region Construction Advisor and all contractual rights to file a claim are maintained. Once an official claim has been filed, the contract documents in section 199 of the Standard Specifications detail the official process that will be used to resolve the claim.