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Construction Section Directory
State Construction and Materials Engineer
Joe Squire 503-986-3123 Construction & Materials Engineer

Business Services Unit
Lynette Weise 503-986-3004 Business Services Lead Worker
Steve Burton 503-986-4069 Fiscal Analyst
Lori Butler 503-986-3007 Construction Program Analyst
Barbara Harriman  503-986-3001 Administrative Program Support
Susan Herring  503-986-3009 Construction Program Coordinator
Summer Postier ​503-986-5460 ​Business Services Receptionist
Beth Shrader  503-986-3042 Business Administrative Specialist

Contract Administration Unit
Steve Cooley  503-986-3012 Contract Administration Engineer
​Scott Aker ​541-440-3479 Region Assurance Specialist
Paul Anello 503-986-2641 Region Assurance Specialist
Cheryl Cave 541-774-6384 Region Assurance Specialist
Joel Croff ​503-986-3084 ​Contract Documentation Specialist
Mike Dennee ​503-986-3027 ​Contract Services Leadworker
Diana Foster  503-986-6638 Labor and Compliance Officer
Brent Heyne 503-986-3535 Region Assurance Specialist
Austin Johnson 503-986-3027 Region Assurance Specialist
Holli Pick  503-986-3136 Construction Claims Specialist
Craigh Miller​ 503-986-3050​ ​Contract Administration Coordinator
Tony Rodriguez 503-731-3265
Region Assurance Specialist
Mary Saba 503-731-4144
Region Assurance Specialist
James Sealy 503-986-3028
Contract Payment Specialist
Kari Sprenger ​541-963-1900 ​Region Assurance Specialist
Region Assurance Specialist
Construction Claims Engineer
Lab Services Unit
Kevin Brophy 503-986-3030 Materials Lab Manager
Norma Jean Brown  503-986-3417 Petroleum Assistant Crew Leader
Wayne Brown 503-986-3074 Bituminous/Petroleum/Chemistry Crew Leader
Eric Burns  503-986-3060 LIMS Computer Support Crew Leader
Jason Cieslak ​503-986-3081 ​Aggregate Crew Leader
​Timothy Earnest ​503-986-3079 ​Laboratory Technician
Randy Fitzgerald  503-986-3087 Lab Certification
Jerry Ganahl ​503-986-3194 ​Soils Assistant Crew Leader
Greg Guthrie  503-986-3089 Physical Testing Crew Leader
Erik McClary 503-986-3090 Physical Testing Lead Laboratory Technician
Paul McGrath ​503-986-3073 ​Bituminous Assistant Crew Leader
Michael Powell​ ​503-986-9077 Interim Asst. Aggregate Crew Leader
Rebecca Rodriguez 503-986-3076 Soils Crew Leader
Ken Scott 503-986-3065 Chemistry Lab Technician
Rodney Smith  503-986-6626 Receiving Specialist
Adam Stutzman 503-986-3782 AMRL/LIMS Specialist
Matthew Thomas 503-986-3083 Petroleum Laboratory Technician

Pavement Services Unit
Cole Mullis  503-986-3115 Pavement Services Engineer
Tony Burton  503-986-3124 Pavement Field Crew Member
Garrett Carter 503-986-3014 Pavement Design Coordinator
John Coplantz 503-986-3119 Pavement Mgmt Engineer
Chris Duman 503-986-6574 Pavement Specialist
Bill Hansen  503-986-3124 Pavement Field Crew Member
Chris Harris  503-986-3118 Asst. Pavement Quality Engineer
Larry Ilg 503-986-3072 Pavement Quality Engineer
Corben Lovingier 503-986-3052 Pavement Specialist
Robert Earl 503-986-3124 Pavement Field Crew Leader
Justin Moderie  503-986-3122 Pavement Design Engineer
Vacant 503-986-3116 Pavement Specialist
Mike Stennett 503-986-6574 Asst Pavement Materials Engineer
Vacant 503-986-3124 Pavement Field Crew Member
Brian Sullivan  503-986-3114 Pavement Design Specialist
Dan Zigler 503-986-3117 Pavement Mgmt Technician

Quality Assurance Unit
Greg Stellmach 503-986-3061 Construction Quality Assurance Engineer
Shirley Adams  503-986-2642 Quality Assurance Technician
Vacant ​503-986-6630 ​Inspection QA Specialist
James Brown 541-963-1596 Region 5 Quality Assurance Coordinator
Andrew Clark  541-957-3682 Region 3 Quality Assurance Coordinator
Ray Cunningham  541-388-6179 Quality Assurance Technician
Atma Deo​ ​503-731-8295 ​Region 1 Asst. Quality Assurance Coor.
Ralph Depuy 541-963-1338 Quality Assurance Technician
John Groth 541-388-6308 Asst. Quality Assurance Coordinator
Josh Huber 503-731-8269 Quality Assurance Technician
Bob Kerr 541-963-1388 Quality Assurance Technician
Dave Kirkland 541-388-6137 Region 4 Quality Assurance Coordinator
Ray Le Francois 503-986-2804 Asst. Quality Assurance Technician
Bill McKay  503-986-2808 Quality Assurance Technician
Sean Parker 503-986-6631 Certification Program Coordinator
Rod Savage  541-440-3429 Region 2 Quality Assurance Technician
​Vacant ​541-963-1337 ​Region 5 Asst. Quality Assurance Coord.
Barbara Worbington  503-731-3167 Region 1 Quality Assurance Coordinator
Scott Young 503-986-2775 Region 2 Quality Assurance Coordinator

Structure Services Unit
Scott Nelson 503-986-3056 Structure Services Engineer
Bill Bennett 503-986-6628 Structural Materials Engineer
Dean Chess 503-986-3059 Product Evaluation Coordinator
David Dobson ​971-673-7005 ​Welding and NDE Inspector
John Grey  971-673-7006 Welding and NDE Inspector
Randy Kessler 541-388-6359 Concrete Quality Coordinator
Dave Larson  541-736-2848 Eugene Inspection Crew Leader
Jim Sabel  971-673-7007 Portland Inspection Crew Leader
Ivan Silbernagel  503-986-3018 Structure Coatings Engineer
Terry Thames  541-686-7598 Structure Quality Engineer
Don Thornton  541-736-2849 Prestress & General Inspector
Jaime Viramontes ​503-986-5453 ​Asst. Structure Services Engineer