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Value Engineering
About Us
Value Engineering is the systematic application of recognized techniques by multi-disciplined team which identifies the function of a product or service; establishes a worth for that function; generates alternatives through the use of creative thinking; and provides the needed functions, reliably, at the lowest overall cost.

Tracy Harris
Value Engineer
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Problem-Solving Procedures
The formal problem-solving procedure used to carry out a VE Study is composed of eight parts: Selection, Investigation, Speculation, Evaluation, Development, Presentation, Implementation and Audit.
Selection – Federal-aid funded National Highway System (NHS) bridge projects with an estimated total cost of $40 million or more and all other projects with an estimated total cost of $50 million or more shall be required to have a VE study.
Investigation - Investigate the background information, technical input reports, field data, function analysis, and team focus and objectives.
Speculation – Brainstorming function of design elements: What else will perform the function? Where else may the function be performed? How else may the function be performed?
Evaluation - List Advantages and disadvantages; Establish Evaluation Criteria; Rate Each Idea; Rank all Ideas; Select Best Alternatives for Development.
Development – Develop Alternative Concepts; Prepare Sketches and Calculations, and Estimate Costs.
Presentation – Prepare written proposals and oral presentation and present alternatives to decision makers.
Implementation – The design team then evaluates the VE Team’s recommendations and implements those that are acceptable to them.
Audit – Performance measures of the recommendations are compiled and reported to FHWA.
Projects That May Benefit

Types of projects that can benefit from a VE Study are complex projects, interchanges, major structures, new alignments, extensive traffic control, special processes, special procedures, or unusually expensive. 


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