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Survey Conference Handout List
Photo of Handouts
This page is designed to list all Survey Conference handouts from 2000 to the present.  The handouts are listed in alphabetical order for quick reference.
The list is also broken down into smaller, more manageable segments with internal links at the top of the page to help navigate within this lengthy document.  We hope this format will help you quickly find the documents you need.

Opening PowerPoint Files
Use this link to see instructions that explain how to properly open PowerPoint® Presentations:

 A Look at the Connecticut Western Reserve  Convert Coordinates in CAiCE Handout 
 Alignments Coordinate Datum's, State Plane & LDP 
 Alsea Quarry Boundary Survey Case Study Coping with Substandard Terrain Models 
 Analysis of Mobile Scanning Data  Corner Restoration
 Archeological Site Recognition Handout  Cross Slope Ver Surveys - Pocket DTMs
 Back to the Basics Surveying  Cyrax 
 Basemap Standards  Digital Mapping Photography
 BLM Manual of Surveying Instructions  Digital Signatures – A Status Report
 Buford Quarry Survey  Display features using Snap Bar in CAiCE
 CAiCE DTM Export to Inroads  Donation Land Claims
 Center Line Recovery  Downloading Right of Way Maps from FileNet
 Center Line Recovery  DTM Contours Presentation
 CAiCE to Terrain Navigator Handout  DTM Stakeout Program for the TCA1800
 Conference Shorts Plotting Color RW Maps Effective use of Oregon Real-Time GPS Network
 Conference Shorts RTKIs More Better EDM Calibration Baseline Re-Observation
 Compensator, Stability Check, and ATR  Engineering Automation
 Compensators Stability Check-ATR  Error Sources in Digital Leveling
 Compensators Stability Check-ATRHO  Extra Vertexes from CAiCE Handout
 Corps OHWM Guidance 
 Confined Space Awareness  
 Confined Space Awareness (08) 


 Foot vs. Survey Foot Handout  GSI Details 
 For Successful High Def Surveying Project  Highway Spirals Unraveled  
 Free Form Angle Sets  How Did Our Highways Get Here? 
 Future Surveyors – Learning at Oregon Tech?   How GPS Works
 Geometronics Service Support 2006  How to Find Case Law
 Getting Registered as a Land Surveyor in OR  How Photogrammetry Works 
 GIS from a Surveyor’s Viewpoint   Hydrographic Surveys
 GPS Accuracy Testing Summary  Imaging PowerPoint
 GPS Accuracy Testing  InRoads Data Extraction
 GPS Antennas: Post Processing Tips  Instrument Care and Maintenance
 GPS Tips  Intro to Tidal & River Datum's
 GIS Explained   Introduction to Alignments in CAiCE
 GNSS Frequency Threats  


 Legal Determination of Highway Right of Way Magnetic Declination the Compass 
 Level up with Compensator  Manual Handout
 Lidar PowerPoint  Maps and Plans Database
 Liscad Alignments  MXF file Handout
 Liscad Database Structure and Maintenance  New Coordinates for CORS Sites Oregon  
 Liscad Toolbar  New Right of Entry Laws 
 Low Level LiDAR NGS Multi-year CORS Study 


 ODOT’s Reference Network Pacific Railway Act of 1862 & Bundle 203 
 OHW Determination - Ordinary High-water  PCMCIA Cards
 OHW Determination For Ordinary High-water PPK - What Is It, and Why Should I Care?
 OPUS Suite Update Pre-Construction Survey
 Oregon Coordinates  Procedures FAQ's tied to Highwater
 Oregon Gravity Survey Programmatic BiolAssess for Surveying Ops 
 ORGN Changes Oregon Datum Conversion Tool  Project Manager Training
 ORGN Major Changes  Public Land Survey
 ORGN & GNSS Update The Public Land Survey System
 ORGN Rover FAQs Quarry Boundary Marking Standards
 OTIA III Overview 


 Railroad Taper Alignments Solar Panels on the Right of Way 
 Restoration of DLC Boundaries  Solar Surveys
 Right of Entry ORS Handout  Spirals Unraveled
 Right of Way Corridor Resolutions Spirals Unraveled - Exercises Handout
 Right of Way Process and Condemnation  Standards for Basemaps
 Right of Way Research  Status of 3D Laser Scanning in ODOT
 Riparian Ownerships Store Lat Long in CAiCE Handout
 Roadside Inventory  Structure Prefabrication and Survey Checks
 ROW Information Tracking System Super Elevation Picture
 RWDMS PowerPoint Survey Equipment Repair Procedures
 R/W Maps - New Classification Types Survey Data Needed for Traffic Control Devices
 R/W Data Management System Project Surveying Common Law Cases - Monuments
 R/W Data Managemen System Surveying on a Munitions Range
 R/W Line Recovery Survey Safety Manual Presentation
 Smart Stations  System 1200 New Unused Features 


 Table5 Revised Handout  Update on Low Distortion Projections
 TCRA 1101  US Survey Feet vs. SI Feet on the TCA 1800
 Terrain Navigator  User's guide to RIAS
 The Compass  Using the Remote Access Server Handout
 The New Role of R/W Eng & Surveying  Utility Surveys
 The Oregon Mileage Fee Concept: A GPS-based Road Funding System  Viewing Ortho-rectified Images
 The Oregon State Plane Coordinate System – The End of an Era? When a Deed is not Necessary
 The Public Land Survey System  Wilson River Highway at Timber Junction
 Timeless Considerations for Construction Staking Working on Railroad Property 
 Traffic Barrier Identification Zero Baseline Calibration
 Two Step Transformation & Show Zero Baseline Calibration PowerPoint
 3D Scanning Update 

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