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Geodetic Control and Benchmark Retrieval

Geodetic control stakeThe Geodetic Control Group is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the statewide network of GPS reference stations in support of current and future transportation projects and to facilitate the advancement in positioning technologies. This includes:

  • Maintaining an inventory of the location, condition and data for benchmarks and other reference stations.
  • Facilitating establishment of permanent GPS correction broadcast sites.
  • Administering consultant contracts in conjunction with statewide geodetic control issues.
  • Coordinating efforts of agency and consultant forces involved with any of the activities.

Benchmark Retrieval

When requesting a benchmark, we ask that you first try option A. If you cannot find what you need from the National Geodetic Survey, then use options B or C.

For Google Earth users, the All Oregon Benchmarks file is available for personal use in your Google Earth application.

Contact the Geometronics Unit

800 Airport Road SE
Salem, Oregon 97301
Phone: 503-986-3103
Fax: 503-986-3548

Program Leads

Phone: 503-986-3041
Phone: 503-986-3037

Resources and Related Content

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