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Automated Machine Guidance

Construction equipment with GPS locators to guide vehicle pathsAutomated machine guidance uses data from three-dimensional engineered models to accurately guide construction equipment on a job site. AMG is used in all phases of construction and is adaptable to almost every type of equipment, including:

  • Excavation
  • Grading
  • Milling
  • Concrete Paving

AMG equipment uses GNSS satellite positioning or a robotic total station to accurately and efficiently complete construction activities to a tolerance of +/- 0.02 ft.

Application of AMG can be augmented to meet the specific needs of a given project. Automation can be used to provide guidance to the equipment operator to achieve accurate horizontal and vertical positioning, but can also be used to fully automate operations down to the height and angle of a bulldozer blade.

Use of AMG on ODOT Projects

The Oregon Department of Transportation has used AMG on many of its recent projects, including Pioneer Mountain - Eddyville, Newberg-Dundee Bypass and Bly Mountain.

ODOT has updated its specifications to clarify and encourage the use of 3D design data and its application on ODOT construction projects. The Construction Surveying Manual for Contractors currently allows for AMG to be used in lieu of traditional survey staking.


The following questions and answers are not intended to answer basic questions about the use of AMG. These are not meant to provide technical information about the implementation or design of AMG.

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