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Mobile LiDAR

Surveying in the Cloud

The Oregon Department of Transportation currently operates a Leica Pegasus:Two mobile scanner to gather survey grade data. The scanner generates a point cloud that accurately measures and models existing roadway conditions. This information can be used for:ODOT's mobile scanning unit: Leica Pegasus:Two

  • Project development.
  • Asset management.
  • Pavement evaluation.
  • Slide monitoring.
  • Accident reconstruction.

ODOT is exploring how mobile scan data can complement data collection throughout the agency.

Along with the point cloud, the Pegasus:Two provides 360 degree digital imagery and has an optional downward facing pavement camera. It can be mounted on a variety of vehicles to easily complete otherwise labor intensive surveys.

Example of the point cloud data collected from a mobile mapping unit 

The long term vision for this technology is to provide a real time digital transportation system that provides a holistic view of transportation network assets.

Practical Uses for Mobile Mapping

ODOT used mobile mapping to evaluate those roadways impacted by the 2015 speed change law.