Importing Traffic View or Translink files into Excel

In order to import and convert Traffic View or Translink files into a printable ODOT IKS timing sheet, you must first make sure that Excel has the Analysis ToolPak enabled. In order to do this, select the Tools menu and go to Add-Ins. When the Add-Ins dialogue box appears, make sure that the Analysis ToolPak check box is selected.

To run the program:

1. Double click on the ODOT Timing Sheet.xls file (wherever you stored it on your computer) or the shortcut you created.

2. Click "yes" on the Enable Macros dialog box.

3. Click "yes" on the Open As Read Only dialog box.

4. After the file opens, click on the "Get Intersection Data" button found on Sheet 1.

5. Use the file finder window to locate and open the intersection file you want to convert.


Other things you will need to do:

1. Go to Sheet 1 and fill in the location information and any details about what changes were made to the timing. Since this will be a blank sheet each time you run the program, you will probably want to cut and paste the information (or the whole sheet) you had saved for the same location from a previous conversion you made.

2. If the timing contains command box codes, you will need to go to those appropriate sheets (14, 15, & 16) and fill in the "notes/meaning" sections for the codes that were used. You may be able to cut and paste from previous conversions.

3. Add any appropriate information to sheet 17.

4. Save and rename the file using the "Save As" option under the "File" pull down menu.