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2015 Standard Specifications

2015 Oregon Standard Specifications Book


The 2015 Specifications are to be used in all ODOT project with a PS&E date on and after January 1, 2015. 

ODOT Chief Engineer Approval Letter

To request an allowance to use the 2008 Specifications for a project with PS&E on or after January 1, 2015, submit a completed Allowance Form to

The 2015 Oregon Standard specifications for Construction is now complete and a hardcopy book version is now available for purchase.

Purchasing Instructions:

Price: $30.51 + Shipping and Handling

ODOT has contracted with Lynx Group, Inc. for the printing and distribution of the book.  To purchase, click the link below, which will redirect you to the Lynx Group, Inc. book sales website.

Purchase 2015 Oregon Standard Specifications Book 

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2015 Standard Specifications (PDF Versions)

The 2015 Specifications are to be used in all ODOT project with
a PS&E date on and after January 1, 2015.

ODOT Chief Engineer Approval Letter

Electronic versions of the 2015 Oregon Standard Specifications for Construction are available at the links below:

Full Version:


00100 - General Conditions (pdf -  815 KB)
00300 - Roadwork (pdf - 355 KB)
00500 - Bridges (pdf - 1,057 KB)
00600 - Bases (pdf - 161 KB)
00700 - Wearing Surfaces (pdf - 878 KB)
2008 Standard Specifications Redlined
The 2015 Standard Specifications are essentially a revised version of the 2008 Standard Specifications.  Follow the link below for the 2008 Standard Specifications with the 2015 revisions as redlines.
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2015 Boilerplate Special Provisions & Unique Specifications

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2015 Bid Item List

The 2015 Bid Item List is now published on the Bid Item Lists page.
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