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About Us
Welcome to TRS!
Bob Pappe Section ManagerTraffic Engineering Operations and Roadway Engineering combined to form the new Traffic-Roadway Section (TRS).  The Section is now under the leadership of Bob Pappe.  Bob's many years of engineering and management experience makes him an excellent statewide leader in traffic-roadway engineering and operations matters.
This section is one component of the Technical Services Branch, under ODOT's Highway division.  Technical Services now consists of the following Sections: 
  • Bridge Engineering
  • Geo/Hydro Services
  • Construction
  • Environmental
  • Right of Way and
  • Traffic-Roadway Section.

The information in the following sections describe our organizational structure and the services we provide.  We hope you enjoy your visit.  If you wish to make suggestions or other comments about our site, please use the feedback link at the bottom of each page.  Our web editor will quickly respond to your messages.

Organizational Information
The following chart is provided to help visitors to better understand the organizational structure of the new Traffic-Roadway Section.

Unit Descriptions
Traffic Engineering:  TRS prepares specifications and maintains standards for traffic devices and related facilities, this unit also provides design expertise in, Design  materials, operations, and construction support services.
Roadway Engineering:   Roadway Engineering provides a wide range of engineering services to our customers. This unit has the management responsibility for the Bicycle & Pedestrian program along with the Scenic Byways program.  These are two important services that are provided to meet the needs of Oregonians.  
Traffic Standards & Asset Management:   The Traffic Standards and Asset Management (TSAM) Unit has expertise in a wide variety of installations related to traffic signals, roadway signing, and illumination. The unit’s primary purpose is to maintain standards related to construction and specifications.  
Office of Project-Letting (OPL)
     Specifications:  Specifications provides the following:
  • Specification training and mentoring
  • Special provision assistance, interpretation, and modification
  • Specification liaison to DOJ
  • Resource for help with utilization of special contracting methods (A+B, A+C, I/D, etc.)
  • Accountable for compliance to  ODOT/DOJ class exemption
     Estimating:  Estimating provides the following services:
  • Owners of Final Engineer’s Estimate on all bidding projects
  • Owners of standard bid items
  • Resource for help with utilization of special contracting methods (A+B, A+C, I/D, etc.)
  • Estimating training and mentoring
  • Scheduling training and mentoring
     Pre-Letting:  The main purpose of Pre-Letting is to develop and operate a system to effectively receive Plans, Specifications and Estimating (PS&E) submittals, perform a high level "fatal flaw" review, facilitate corrections, prepare the public advertisement, manage the addenda, and then hand off the project for contracting by ODOT Procurement - Construction Contracts Unit. 
     Quality Assurance:  The design quality program has recently been developed as a formal program. Over the many years of design development ODOT has managed design quality in a fashion typical of other DOT’s. That has been a practice of internal design team peer reviews, typically at the 30, 60 and 90 percent design development stage.