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Hours of Operation
Traffic-Roadway Section
4040 Fairview Industrial Dr SE, MS 5
Salem, OR 97302-1142
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Phone: 503-986-3568
Fax: 503-986-3749

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Alphabetical Directory

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​Name/Email ​Phone Number ​Work Title
​Anderson, Daniel ​503.986.3777 ​Senior Specifications Engineer
Artman, David​ ​503.986.3540 ​Lead Photogrammetric ​Surveyor​r
​Bays, Ken ​​503.986.3543 ​Lead Geodetic Surveyor
Belleque, Kent ​​503.986.3536 ​Senior Interchange Engineer
​Berlin, Marcus ​​503.986.3914 ​Access Management Specialist
Bish, Doug ​​503.986.3594 ​Traffic Engineering Unit Manager
​Black, Craig ​​503.986.3576 ​Traffic Operations Engineer
​Bledsoe, Lloyd ​​503.986.3792 ​Remote Sensing
​Boettcher, Roger ​​503.986.3151 ​Traffic Signal Control Specialist
​Brinton, Mike ​​503.986.4470 ​Field Survey Associate
​Burks, Tim ​​503.986.3572 ​Highway Safety Engineering Coordinator
​Chadwick, Craig ​​503.986.3571 ​Speed Zone Specialist
Colombi, Trudy​ ​​503.986.3604 ​Traffic Program Support
​Cramer, Scott ​​503.986.3596 ​Traffic Signal Engineer
Crossler-Laird, Rich ​​503.986.3741 ​Senior Urban Design Engineer
Ferguson, Tyler ​503.986.3524 ​Asset Management Specialist
Guthrie, Aundrea ​​503.986.3754 ​Pre-Letting Specialist
​Gutierrez, Rodger ​​503.986.3554 ​Bike-Ped Facility Specialist
​Haas, Kevin ​​503.986.3580 ​Traffic Investigations Engineer
​Harris, Tracy ​​503.986.3727 ​Value Engineer
​Henson, Christopher ​​503.986.3561 ​Senior Roadway Engineer
Ignatovich, Peter ​​503.986.3745 ​Administrative Support
​Johnson, Katie ​​503.986.3595 ​Traffic Signal QC Engineer
Jollo, Scott ​​503.986.3069 ​Senior Traffic Structures Engineer
​Kearney, Norma 503.986.3751 Cost Estimator
Kennedy, Marie ​503.986.4013 ​Traffic Operations Coordinator
​Kim, Ernest ​​503.986.3587 ​Illumination Engineer
Kimlinger, Michael ​​503.986.3583 ​Traffic Standards Engineer
​King, Justin S. ​​503.986.3251 ​TCP QA Engineer
​Klug, Martin ​​503.986.3586 ​Traffic Plans Engineer
LaVerdue, Kevin ​503.986.3017 ​Lead Surveyor
Leaming, Eric ​​503.986.3610 ​​Traffic Devices Engineer
Lindland, Steve 503.986.3557 ​Roadway Engineering Unit Manager
Lippsmeyer, Michael ​503.986.4217 ​Transport Operations
​Marcus, Brenda ​503.986.3796 ​Project Letting Manager
McCanna, Scott ​503.986.3788 ​Traffic Control Plans Engineer
McConnell, Kathi ​503.986.3609 ​Traffic Investigations Coordinator
​McKinley, Larry ​​503.986.4216 ​Access Management Program Manager
McMillen, Dan ​503.986.3752 ​Standard Drawings Engineer
​Meeks, Lucy ​503.986.3575 ​Executive Support Specialist
​Morin, Paul ​503.986.3742 ​ROW Support Specialist
​Morrison, Scott ​503.986.3672 ​​Lead Right-of-Way Engineering Surveyor
​Motley, Jason ​503.986.3601 ​Sign Management Specialist
​Nguyen, Lily ​503.986.3772 ​Operations & Design Manual Engineer
Nguyen, Tien ​503.986.3756 ​Standard Drawing Drafter
​Oberg, Randy ​503.986.3041 ​Geodetic Surveyor
Obery, Gary ​503.986.4062 ​Alternate Modes Traffic Engineer
Pappe, Bob ​503.986.3606 ​State Traffic-Roadway Engineer
Paull, Geoffrey​ ​503.986.3024 ​Survey Crew Chief
Polly, Dave ​503.986.3738 ​Senior Standards Engineer
​Rayburn, Julie ​503.986.3541 ​Administrative Assistant
​Reed, Steve ​503.986.3608 ​Traffic Investigator/Analyst
Riedl, John ​503.986.3886 ​Senior Cost Engineer
​Rowland, Chris ​503.986.3599 ​Sign Design Specialist
​Scott, Karen N. ​503.986.4347 ​Alternate Contracting Engineer
Shoblom, Heidi ​503.986.3603 ​Sign Engineer
Siddique, Zahidul ​503.986.3573 Highway Safety Engineer
​Singh, Ron ​503.986.3033 ​Chief of Survey/Geometronics Manager
Strand, Justin​ ​503.986.4007 ​Survey Tech 2
​Thiel, Kevin ​503.986.3351 ​Design QA & QC Engineer
​Ward, Clinton ​503.986.3037 ​Geodetic Survey Associate
​Warrick, Dave ​503.986.3560 ​Interchange Engineer
​Weaver, Timothy 503.986.3542 Survey Support Specialist
White, Tracy ​503.986.4372 ​Access Management Planner
Wilkes, Andrew​ ​503.986.3238 ​Traffic Structures Specialist
​Woods, William 503.986.3759 Specifications Engineer
​Wright, Dan ​503.986.3545 ​Project Photogrammetric Surveyor
Zeltman, Ann​ ​503.986.4379 ​Appeals Coordinator

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