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Highway Safety


Oregon has an established transportation safety programs that address engineering, education, enforcement, and emergency medical services issues.  With approval of the Oregon  Transportation Safety Action Plan, the Oregon Transportation Commission established its expectations regarding transportation safety. 
Traffic-Roadway Section manages the highway engineering safety programs, including the Highway Safety Improvement Program, the Project Safety Management System, applications of the AASHTO Highway Safety Manual, and other related tools and evaluations.

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All Roads Transportation Safety Program

The All Roads Transport​ation Safety (ARTS) Program is a safety program that addresses safety needs on all public roads in Oregon. Only by working collaboratively with local road jurisdictions (cities, counties, MPO’s and tribes) can ODOT expect to increase awareness of safety on all roads, promote best practices for infrastructure safety, compliment behavioral safety efforts and focus limited resources to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes in the state of Oregon. This program uses a data-driven approach that is blind to jurisdiction to achieve the greatest benefits in crash reduction.


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Project Safety Management System

Oregon’s Safety Management System reflects a long history of effective transportation safety programs and interagency cooperation. The System responds to a federal requirement for a formalized systematic decision-making process and policy direction provided by the Oregon Transportation Commission’s approval of the Transportation Safety Action Plan. The Project Safety Management System (PSMS) is comprised of several different programs focusing on specific safety concerns throughout the state.

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Highway Safety Improvement Program Guide

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Safety Investigations Manual

ODOT Safety Investigation Manual  Video Training - Introduction to the Safety Investigations Manual by Dr. Karen Dixon @ OSU and Dr. Chris Monsere @ PSU  
NOTE:  The following tutorial video clips are large files.  It may take a few minutes for your video player to buffet the data before playing the movie clip.
Video Training Materials:
Lecture Notes
PowerPoint PDF of the morning lecture notes.
Additional Data Files:

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Safety Priority Index System

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Analysis Tools & Data

Benefit Cos​t Analysis​
Cras​h Data Reports
ODOT Crash Reduction Factor (CRF) List GIS Data
Cost Estimation Workbook
Crash Summary Reports (CSR)  
(ODOT Employees Only) 
Crash Graphing Tool (ODOT Employees Only) - This page contains the graphing tool along with installation instructions.  ​Trans Data Portal
Crash Decoder Tool (Excel) version 5.0, 
updated 08/12/2015
Oregon Safety Data Action Plan​​
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Safety Improvement Plans

The systemic approach provides a comprehensive method for safety planning and implementation. Under the systemic approach, some low-cost countermeasures are applied over an entire road/corridor to reduce crashes and risks along the entire roadway/corridor. ODOT has developed the following systemic safety improvement plans:


Intersection Safety
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