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  • Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board
    This photo of Wallowa Valley was provided by Bruce Taylor. About Us
    The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) is a state agency that provides grants to help Oregonians take care of local streams, rivers, wetlands and natural areas. Community members and landowners use scientific criteria to decide jointly what needs to be done to conserve and improve rivers and natural habitat in the places where they live. OWEB grants are funded from the Oregon Lottery, federal dollars, and salmon license plate revenue. The agency is led by a 17 member citizen board drawn from the public at large, tribes, and federal and state natural resource agency boards and commissions.
Healthy Watershed Accomplishments Current Topics
Restoration and Job Creation
OWEB grants support the local economy. Research by the University of Oregon Ecosystem Workforce Program shows that every $1,000,000 OWEB invests in clean water and habitat restoration creates 15-24 jobs.

Read about Economic Impacts

Caring for Habitat
OWEB grants help Oregonians restore and improve fish and wildlife habitat.

Use an Interactive Map of Oregon Plan Restoration

Working Together 
OWEB grants help Oregonians come together to restore watersheds and build stronger communities.

Explore the Distribution of OWEB Funding with a Mapping Tool

Learn about Focused Investment Partnerships

Clean Water 
OWEB provides grants for Oregonians to take care of the streams, rivers and lakes across the state.

Learn about the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

Learn about Livestock Exclusion Monitoring Projects

Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds (OPSW)
Salmon are important to Oregonians for cultural, economic, and recreational reasons.They are also important indicators of watershed health.

Read the 2015-17 OPSW Biennial Report

Read the 2015-17 OPSW Executive Summary

Visit the OPSW Website

Unique App​roach
OWEB funding supports Oregon's cooperative, community-based approach to improve watershed health.

Learn about Ecosystem Services Coordination

Read about Oregon's Approach to Healthy Watersheds

Spring Grant Cycle​

OWEB is accepting online applications for Restoration and Technical Assistance Grants, due May 1. View requirements and online application webinar recording​

Strategic Plan Information & Listening Sessions

The Board invites input as a new Strategic Plan is developed. Visit webpage

April Fiscal Trainings

View fiscal training schedule and information​ to increase your understanding of grants, budgets, and fiscal requirements.

Upcoming Board Meeting

July 25-26,​ Boardman

Insurance Requirements for Grantees

View documents​

OWEB's Investments in each County

View investment data sheets​, revised December 2016

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Awards More than $10 Million in Grants​ -November 2016

Get Press Release​

Long-Term Investment Strategy Direction
The OWEB Board's Long-Term Investment Strategy for Conservation include a Framework for Grant Investments (Operating Capacity, Open Solicitation, and Focused Investments) and a Long-Term Investment Strategy (LTIS) direction.

OWEB’s current LTIS priorities are

  1. define focused investments; 
  2. design effectiveness monitoring for focused investments, 
  3. explore a funder-to-funder outreach grant strategy with a goal of leveraging additional investment, 
  4. develop online applications and agreements to improve effectiveness and efficiency for grantees and OWEB staff, and 
  5. c​omplete the transition to outcome-based watershed council capacity grants, including rulemaking.​

View LTIS Documents​

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