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Coastal Wetlands Grants


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program (NCWCGP) was established to acquire, restore, and enhance wetlands in coastal states through competitive matching grants to state agencies. The primary goal of the NCWCGP is the long‐term conservation of coastal wetland ecosystems. Only legislatively approved state agencies may submit applications to the NCWCGP. Since 2013, OWEB has been an approved agency. OWEB serves as the official grantee of the federal award and makes the federal funds available to local conservation and restoration partners through sub-grants. All sub-grants are subject to the Rules and guidelines of OWEB’s grant programs.

Eligible Project Types

All projects must ensure long-term conservation. Eligible projects under the NCWCGP include:

  • Acquisition of a real property interest (permanent conservation easement or fee title) in coastal lands or coastal wetlands ecosystems from willing sellers, and/or
  • Restoration, enhancement, or management of coastal wetlands ecosystems.

OWEB issues a solicitation for Coastal Wetlands Grant applications each fall. Contact Katie Duzik to discuss your interest in applying for a NCWCGP grant.

  1. Applications are accepted in the fall of each year. Deadlines coincide with the Fall Open Solicitation Restoration Grant and the Land Acquisition Grant applications.
  2. Coastal wetland projects proposing land acquisition should use the Land Acquisition Online Grant Application. Those proposing restoration should use the Restoration Grant Application. All applications are submitted entirely through the online system.
  3. Each Coastal Wetlands Grant application must include a completed Coastal Wetland Grant Supplement upload.​

Applications are accepted in the fall of each year and are submitted entirely through our online system. Deadlines will be posted once each grant offering opens.

  1. Obtain a login (username and password).
    If your organization already has an OGMS login, skip to step 2.
  2. An OGMS login is required to access the online grant application. Only one login per organization is allowed. If no login exists for an organization, please email Leilani Sullivan to request one. Include the following in your email:
    • Organization name and address
    • Grantee Contact Information: name, title, email address, and phone number for the person who will receive all communication from OWEB and sign any grant agreements.
    • Payee Contact Information: name, email address, and phone number for the person who keeps records and submits payment requests and documentation.
    • FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number). OWEB may enter into agreements only with legally established entities. OWEB will review potential applicants prior to creating an OGMS login.
    • DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) number. Though not required at application, each grantee must have an active DUNS number verifiable through the System for Award Management (SAM) before a grant agreement will be released.
  3. Log in to the Online Application.
    Guidance to help you fill out the application is always available in the top navigation bar of the online application. An application template is also available after you log in and choose "Create a New Application."

Please contact Katie Duzik with questions.​

  • ​October: Local partner submits land acquisition or restoration application with Coastal Wetland Grant Supplement via OWEB’s online system.
  • December – February: Acquisition and/or Regional Review Teams review OWEB grant applications, conduct site tours, and make funding recommendations. US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) announces National Coastal Wetland Conservation Grant (NCWCG) offering.
  • March 2019: OWEB Management determines funding lines for all OWEB grant applications with consideration of Review Teams’ funding recommendations and available funding.
  • April: OWEB Board makes funding decision on OWEB grant application and decision to submit NCWCG application at Board meeting. Local partner and OWEB work together to develop the draft federal application.
  • May: OWEB submits draft application to USFWS for preliminary review and feedback.
  • May – June: OWEB seeks legislative approval to submit NCWCG application. Local partner and OWEB work together to address USFWS feedback and develop final grant application.
  • June: OWEB submits final application to USFWS.
  • January – April: USFWS grant awards are announced.


Please direct questions to Katie Duzik, Regional Program Representative, at or at 541-272-2059.

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