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Video Library

All videos are hosted on YouTube. See the Grant Management playlist on YouTube.

General Excel Use

Various how-to videos on Excel topics. (Hosted on Microsoft site.)


Using the Budget Categories Document
Tips on how to navigate and use the Budget Categories Document without having to read the whole thing.

Budget Amendments
Find the Budget Amendment form and learn how to fill it out correctly.


Travel Logs
Tips on how to fill out the Travel Log form.

Travel Tips
Learn how to document and be reimbursed for travel expenses for OWEB grants.


When submitting a payment request to the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, a grantee must provide acceptable receipts. This video shows what to look for and what to submit with the payment request.

Tracking Sheets
Tips on filling out Expense Tracking Sheets correctly.

Request for Release of Funds
Learn how to fill out the Request for Release of Funds (RRF) correctly.

How to Request a First Payment
Explanation of the documents you need for submitting your first payment request to OWEB.

Final Payment Requests
Learn about required materials for making your final payment request to OWEB.

Advance Payments
Avoid some of the pitfalls of requesting and resolving an advance payment.

Indirect Costs

Selecting an Indirect Cost Rate
Learn how to select an indirect cost rate and the difference among Federally Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate (FNICR), de minimis, and OWEB negotiated cost rate.

Direct/Receipt Billing
Learn about using direct billing for indirect costs of your OWEB grant.

Cost Allocation
Learn about cost allocation billing for indirect costs of your OWEB grant.

OGMS (OWEB's Grant Management System)

OGMS Overview
An overview of OWEB's Grant Management System including how to gain a login and basic things you can do in OGMS.

Using OGMS
Learn how to use a project search and where to find details about projects such as project payments, amendments, report due dates, and project completion reporting.

OGMS Features
Learn how to manage your grant in OGMS: "Activity for the Last 30 Days," "Outstanding Reports," "Review My Requests," and "Project Completion Reporting."


Understanding Insurance Requirements
Learn about Insurance Requirements for OWEB grants and the Risk Assessment form.

Online Application

Online Application Basics
Learn the basics of how to use OWEB's online application and avoid common pitfalls.

Reporting & Monitoring

Mastering Photo Point Monitoring
Learn how to establish photo points for your OWEB project that satisfy your grant requirements.

Project Completion Reporting
Master the common requirements for reporting when your OWEB project is complete.

Post-Implementation Status Reporting
Learn how to submit a great PISR after your OWEB grant has closed.


Mapping a Grant Application
Step-by-step instructions for using Oregon Explorer to map a project location.

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