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Benefits and Work Incentives

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​WIN​ Help Desk

Call 800-661-2571 or email ​​

Call or email the WIN Help Desk for answers to your questions and concerns about how work will impact your state or federal benefits.

Other reasons to call the WIN Help Desk:

  • Check on the referral status of a participant who was referred to WIN
  • Invite someone from WIN to your staff meetings or schedule ​basic training on benefits planning and work incentives related to public benefits and employment
  • Provide suggestions, comments or concerns and other feedback about WIN services

WIN resources quick reference guides and informational handouts:

For additional resource information, read the: Social Security Administration Red Book​​

WIN resource quick reference video guides

WIN resource quick reference guides on self-employment

Other programs that an individual can be referred to are: