Children's Care Licensing

​​Children’s Care Licensing Program

Children’s Care Licensing does NOT oversee or license daycares or preschools. For information regarding Family Child Care or Child Care Centers contact Oregon Department of Education, Early Learning Division at 1 (800) 556-6616​​ or visit​

Children’s Care Licensing licenses any of the following organizations and agencies that care for children:

  • Academic Boarding Schools
  • Adoption Agencies
  • Day Treatment Agencies
  • Foster Care Agencies
  • Homeless, Runaway, and Transitional Living Shelters
  • Outdoor Youth Programs
  • Residential Care Agencies
  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools


Oregon law requires child-caring agencies to be licensed. Children’s Care Licensing sets the licensing requirements for agencies that operate in Oregon and makes sure that agencies meet the requirements before receiving a license.

Children’s Care Licensing umbrella licensing rules apply to all child caring agencies, and there are other specific requirements for each different type of child-caring agency. The requirements describe what kinds of programs and businesses need to be licensed, the training that employees of licensed agencies must have, the policies that the licensed agency must have in place, how the physical environment must be maintained to keep children safe and many other aspects of how a licensed agency must operate.

Find out more about licensing requirements for each different type of child caring agency.​​​​​


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If you have questions or need additional information about licensing of child-caring agencies or applying for a license, you can email or call any of the Children’s Care Licensing​ staff listed on our Contacts page.

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