Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

​​​Stabilization and Crisis Unit (SACU) operates under the guidance of the Oregon Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Disabilities. Individuals served have multiple needs and receive integrated services and a broad range of supports. ​Office Map

The program provides 24-hour residential care and supervision to high-risk adults and children with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) who represent the most risk to the public at large, their peers, or themselves when in crisis. SACU provides residential care, which includes health and medical care, behavioral support, ​mental health services, personal care, education, recreation, and community integration.

SACU operates residential group homes along the I-5 corridor from Portland to Eugene.  Services are accessed through regional or county Community Developmental Disabilities Programs (CDDPs).
Program employees serving adults and/or children with developmental disabilities are Mandatory Reporters of abuse and neglect. (ORS 43.765)

Employment with SACU

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Stabilization and Crisis Unit
Administrative Offices

4760 Portland Road N, Suite 102, Salem, OR 97302
Office: (503) 378-5952
Fax: (503) 378-5917

Sierra Rawson, Interim Director

Bryan Wier, Interim Deputy Director

Mary Anna Gordon, Nurse Manager

Kelly Todd, Internal Regional Oversight​ Manager​​

Aaron Hall, Clinical Services Manager