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Titling & Registering Your Vehicle
This page provides information about vehicle titles and registrations issued by the Oregon DMV. 
Note: Within 30 days of becoming a resident of or domiciled in Oregon you must title and register your vehicle, including obtaining Oregon license plates.
Note: Most commercial vehicles are titled and registered by the Motor Carrier Transportation Division, manufactured homes are titled and registered by the Building Codes Division, and watercraft are titled and registered by the state's Marine Board.

Use the links below to go directly to any section:
Acquiring Titles & Registration

Note: If you have purchased, or are looking to purchase, a used vehicle from out of state, be wary of flood damage. Be especially cautious of vehicles that may have been damaged by the Hurricane Sandy floods.

First, determine if you legally qualify for an Oregon vehicle title and registration.

If you qualify, then choose the link below that best fits your type of vehicle and/or circumstances to access the appropriate instructions for titling and registering your vehicle: 

  • New Vehicles - Use this link if you have just bought a new vehicle that has not been titled or registered in any state.
  • Out-of-State Vehicles if You Have the Title - Use this link if you just moved to Oregon with an out-of-state vehicle (and you have the title) or if you have just bought a vehicle that is titled in a different state.
  • Out-of-State Vehicles with Liens - Use this link if the vehicle is currently titled out of state and the security interest holder possesses the title (because you are paying on the loan or you are leasing the vehicle).
  • Oregon-Titled Vehicles - Use this link if you have purchased a used vehicle that has an Oregon title.
  • Out-of-Country Vehicles - Use this link if the vehicle has been imported to Oregon from another country.
  • Salvage Vehicles - Use this link if documents show that the vehicle has been damaged, destroyed, wrecked or salvaged.
  • Snowmobiles - Use this link for snowmobiles and similar vehicles designed to operate on snow and ice.
  • Reconstructed Vehicles - Use this link for a vehicle with an Oregon title that has been rebuilt, or totaled and repaired.
  • Assembled Vehicles - Use this link if you wish to title an assembled vehicle for the first time.

    Important: If none of the selections above seem to fit your vehicle or circumstances, or you are just not sure, you may also access some general titling and registration information based upon the type of vehicle.

    Note: Vehicles registered in Multnomah County are required to pay additional fees, $19 per year for passenger vehicles and $10 for permanent heavy trailer registration. Visit Multnomah County's Web site for more information.

    Renewing, Replacing, Maintaining & Transferring Titles & Registration
    Use the links provided below to access instructions for carrying out various actions on existing vehicle titles and registration:
    Title & Registration Tips
    Use the links provided below to access useful tips for acquiring and maintaining vehicle titles and registration:
    • Start the title and registration process right away if you have moved to Oregon from out of state and have a loan or lease on your vehicle.
    • If your vehicle is already titled in your name in Oregon and you only want to renew the Oregon registration, please see Renewing Oregon Registration above.
    • Oregon requires that you title a vehicle in Oregon if you want to register it here.  Once you title in Oregon, registration from another state is not valid in Oregon.
    • By submitting an application for registration, you are certifying that you have the insurance required by Oregon law and that you will comply with Oregon's motor vehicle insurance requirements as long as the vehicle is registered in your name.
    • If an out-of-state vehicle has had certain kinds of damage, Oregon DMV will not issue a title.
    Related Information
    Additional information that may be relevant includes: